Friday, January 02, 2009

Third-hand smoke: Another reason to quit smoking, or more anti-smoking hysteria?

Need another reason to add "Quit Smoking" to your New Year's resolutions list? How about the fact that even if you choose to smoke outside of your home or only smoke in your home when your children are not there - thinking that you're keeping them away from second-hand smoke - you're still exposing them to toxins.... And while you're at it, make sure your children don't sit too close to the TV. read more | digg story, submitted by numberneal

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  1. And remember the days when we were told not to sit too close to the TV? Based on that advice, and the fact that I ignored it as a kid, I should have been sterile, blind and riddled with cancer. There will always be these so-called research "scientists" that think they know better than us... Uh, yeah, you know, like the global-warming-caused-by-man scammers.

    Of course, I should mention that it has been reported that many people's brains have turned to mush from watching too much TV. However, it does not seem to be related to dangerous gamma rays or sitting too close to the TV. It tends to be more related to the content being watched. The most dangerous content is believed to be NBC/CBS/ABC sitcoms and news, CNN, MSNBC, and "The View".
    /sarcasm off