Thursday, January 01, 2009

Greene's 3 TDs lead Iowa past South Carolina in Outback Bowl

TAMPA, Fla. -- All-American running back Shonn Greene figures he's ready for the next level. After leading Iowa over South Carolina 31-10 Thursday in the Outback Bowl, the Big Ten's most valuable player said he'll skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft. Greene ran for 121 yards and three touchdowns, and over 100 yds in all 13 games this year. See ESPN Game review video read more | digg story

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  1. Well, there you go. Give Iowa Hawkeye fans some things to be very happy about, like a 9-4 season (at one time being 3-3), a win in the Outback Bowl on ESPN by defeating South Carolina convincingly, and every other great thing about the 2008 season, and then they lay it on us that Shonn Greene is going into the NFL instead of playing one more season. Okay, I know, I do not blame him. As an NFL player, and loving Iowa, he may be able to do a lot of good to help out the flood 2008 "victims" (I hate that word...sorry) here in Iowa.

    If that wasn't bad enough, ESPN tried to further deflate our exhileration by talking about Head Coach Kirk Ferentz going to the Cleveland Browns to be their coach. And they wouldn't shut up about it for the whole 4th Qtr of the game. I think the ESPN announcers could have done a better job by talking about the pluses and minuses of Shonn Greene pursuing a pro career, playing on Sundays, and forgoing his final season of eligibility at Iowa as a Senior. There is a lot to be said about it either way.

    But anyway, a big HOOO-RAHHHHH for the Hawkeyes today! They did a good job preparing and going into the game, and they may even be the ONLY Big Ten team to win a bowl game this year! Go HAWKS!

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