Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to Escape!

by John Kubicek Time to Escape? What a sick, twisted irony it is, to have named this blog, "Blogging in Our Time 2 Escape." For me, that is, there is no escape.
The journal of journals where you can find out what johnny2k and his patriotic friends have been up to! And you know what is so good about this? I'm finding out how to be a good community organizer. Oooohhhh, yeah. It's possible to be a Conservative community organizer. We can do it, too!
I do not know for sure it is understood what my mission is in this blog. Yes, I'd like to have many visitors, just like any other blogger. But, it is not for me, not for my benefit. It is for the reason that I AM doing this blog; it is to promote ALL of us that want to make a difference in this world. But, of course, I have a partisan purpose, too. Make no mistake, I have my own agenda that I want to promote. Of course, my promotional efforts can in no way measure up to the amount of propaganda that is offered by the mainstream media, the public school systems, the colleges and universities, Hollywood, politicians... However: Let's put this dream in some perspective. One at a time. Know what I'm saying? Not the quickest way to change a culture, but it will have to do for the lack of my noteriety. There is a goal or two that I would like to reach in this effort, in the remaining days of 2008. I'd like to see the 5,000 page views on this blog before the year runs out. As of now, that's less than 200 views that it will take to achieve that goal. It's possible. We can do it, but there are only three days left of the year. And please remember it is not for me, but for all of the people that offer us valuable insights in their blogs, or even their comments on sites like Reaching that goal really will depend on you. But the other goal I'd like to reach is up to me. Last month, I had posted 143 articles. Counting this piece, I am now up to 119. I'd like to top that 143 mark this month, but it will take an extreme effort. I'll do my best, but I can't guarantee anything. In order to make that goal, it will be required to sacrifice doing some things that only offer ME a time to escape. Again, that is the irony of the title of this blog. Related stories: 2009: Make it the "Acts of Kindness YEAR" A Happy New Year for my friends at!

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