Monday, December 29, 2008

This spud's for you - Michael Ackley's satire and parody

We bid a reluctant but fond farewell to the International Year of the Potato... What? You didn't know this has been the Year of the Potato? Even though we have neglected those special 12 months, we all can pay appropriate homage in 2009 and in a special way. There is somebody that resembles Mr. Potato Head, who will be in the news often...
Think of the past year. What has dominated our news, indeed, this column? Why, the presidential election, of course, and, in particular, Barack Obama. Obama was everywhere, his visage appearing on every magazine cover from the Atlantic to Render, the organ of the tallow industry. (Actually, we don't know if the president-elect actually made the cover of Render, but we thought you'd like to know that the tallow industry does have its own slick publication, through which you can learn about the latest in bone grinders and fat boilers – with tasteful illustrations.) Anyway, there was something about Obama's image that nagged at us, something familiar, an echo of our childhood. It was something – no disrespect intended – about those ears, the way they set off the face. It was something about those eyebrows. Finally, that something became clear as we examined our notes for the neglected, seminal topic of the year 2008. Obama bears a striking resemblance to one of the most enduring diversions of childhood. He's better looking, of course, but a kind of familial correspondence definitely is there. He resembles a slender version – and we say this with affection – of the iconic toy, Mr. Potato Head. [Continue reading]

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