Sunday, December 28, 2008

Glenn Beck Story Pulled Because of his Mormon Faith

A Special Message from Glenn: The Christmas Sweater is a story about the idea of Christmas as a time for redemption and atonement. Whatever your beliefs about my religion, the concept of religious tolerance is too important to be sacrificed in response to pressure from special interest groups, especially when it means bowing to censorship. (Italics mine) [Continue reading Glenn's Special Message] From the related story at TVNEWSER: James Dobson's Focus on the Family pulled an article about Glenn Beck's book "The Christmas Sweater" from one of its Websites after complaints from followers, the Mormon Times reports. Earlier this week, an anti-Mormon group called Underground Apologetics issued a release through Christian News Wire. [Read more of the story at TVNEWSER] digg story Related Story: Focus on the Family website yanks Glenn Beck interview - By Drew Zahn at

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