Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hitlerian Totalitarianism on the Home Front - by Karen De Coster

I just happened across this column that was written by Ms. De Coster on August 28, 2006:
Opponents of an absolute state often wonder how far the American people will go in allowing Hitlerian totalitarianism into every single aspect of their lives. When will they stop being compliant little beings, and instead, stand up and fight for their right to exist unencumbered by one totalitarian measure after another? The government intimidates the people daily via the reporting of so-called terror plots and flashing its danger alerts. The media frenzy that follows gives us the caveat that we are all in immediate danger – from assorted hazardous weapons such as killer bras, sandal soles, eye compact, lipstick, and toothpaste. Thus we must be willing to take immediate action to stave off all threats, we are told, or life and limb are in immediate peril. No time to think about it, they say, because we must act now. Accordingly, it follows that blind faith in our leaders is not only the patriotic way, but the only way. [Continue reading]
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