Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Political Affirmative Action - By Kevin Jackson (at The Black Sphere blog)

From — The liberal way of getting through any scandal or problem ...
So would you want to be Roland Burris today in light of Blagojevich naming him to Obama's vacant senate seat? He must feel like the Michelle Obama, who got into Princeton based solely on affirmative action. Can't you just hear the whispers as Burris walks the halls of the Capital Building? "That's the guy who 'paid' to get his seat. He didn't actually 'earn' it." Or, "…he's different than us." Well not really. And the cojones of liberals. Blagojevich was arrested, got out of jail on his own recognizance. He went back to work, and it's been "business as usual" since. And for Chicago politics, it was indeed "business as usual", and just another day in the governor's office. [Continue reading]
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