Monday, December 29, 2008

Abe and Mary Todd Obama - by Doug Powers

From the soon to be famous "Leftysburg Address": "Four community organizers and seven friends thrown under the bus ago, George Soros brought forth to these 58 states, a socialist nation, conceived in secret, and dedicated to the proposition that all the wealth should be spread around and nobody should be punished with a baby..." Obama is no Abe Lincoln! From the article:
Just about the only valid comparisons I can find between Lincoln and Obama is that Abraham Lincoln didn't have a middle name, and for a long time the Obama campaign and the media pretended Obama didn't have one either. Also, both Lincoln and Obama facilitated emancipation. We all know about Lincoln's role in ending slavery – either as a primary objective or a byproduct of the end result of the Civil War, but Obama also played a role in emancipating many, many people. Because of Obama's pro-abortion stance, he has helped ensure that thousands and thousands of children are never enslaved. Joe Biden's vague resemblance to Lincoln's second VP, Andrew Johnson (pictured above), doesn't hurt either. [Continue reading]
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