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Now is not the time to settle ~ By Erik Rush

While Romney receiving the nomination is by no means certain, it is imperative that we remain mindful of the fact that the elite GOP leadership has the potential to be every bit the enemy as the Democrat leadership. For decades, they could have been sounding the alarm, calling Americans' attention to the fundamental transformation (pun intended) that Democrats were bringing about via liberal (socialist) policies. Instead, they feathered their own nests, allowing generations of Americans to become less astute and less informed as to how manifestly dangerous these policies were. Many became what they beheld, and are now indistinguishable from the socialist elites in the Democratic Party.

Now, they would place yet another lukewarm Republican in the Oval Office, one who will be no better than the last two Republican presidents we endured. There's little doubt that some GOP power players are closet socialists themselves, but a strong contingent simply believes that "playing it safe" with someone who is not identified as a strong conservative will somehow win the day – like Bob Dole or John McCain.

This feeble logic has long since been nullified, and at this juncture more than ever, the American people do not want to settle for someone who is only a click or two on the political dial to the right of Obama. The voters who turned the tide during the midterm election want someone who is – at the very least – going to make every attempt to undo what our tin pot premier of a president has done.

I finally found the column I was looking for that would support and defend what I wrote a few weeks back in my commentary about "Dear skeptics and critics ... ~ By Herman Cain." In my remarks, I wrote:
When I hear the pundits say there is nothing that is exciting about the current field of potential Republican candidates, they are making a huge mistake. Really, I'd much rather hear them saying that it's hard to choose amongst the strong talent that is taking on the challenge to beat the current incumbent! I can't believe that they are trying to throw another election! What's wrong with them? And do you really want to listen to the establishment that ended up giving us John McCain?
In this column, Erik Rush mentions some very important points that we need to keep in mind. Erik reminds us that if we are going to be able to make Barack Obama a one-term President, Conservative Republican voters - "The voters who turned the tide during the midterm election" - need a candidate that we can "really get behind." Otherwise, it will be the same old story, and as Erik states, we'd be faced with voting for the least of two evils once again, like we had to do with McCain or Dole.

The establishment elites in the
Republican party would pick Erik's cat if it turned out it was progressive enough. However, a writer (signed in as divemustgo) in the facebook comments at the end of Erik's column pointed out that Erik's cat would not suit the needs of the RINOs (Republicans in name only):
I'm liking Erik's cat over Romney at this point.

I asked Erik's cat what he thought of Obamacare and he said, "Ow." Then I asked him which Chinese dictator Obama most resembled and he said, "Mow."

With strong arguments like those, I think Erik's cat could beat Mitt in a debate, paws down.
So, the question remains if the GOP leadership will once again give us another lukewarm "least-of-two-evils" nominee, or will the Republican voters take charge and nominate a Conservative? Is there really a way to overcome the establishment elite in the GOP and MSM to keep them from choosing a candidate just a couple clicks to the right of Obama on the political dial?

There was another brilliant observation, by Debbie Shaw O'Bar, in the comments at the end of the column that may answer those questions. To quote her: "A big prob for us in '08 is that LESS THAN 12% of registered Republicans even voted in the primaries!" Yes! That is a major problem, and it is how somebody like John McCain became the Republican nominee. In order to defeat the establishment elite's choice, Conservative registered Republicans are going to need to get to the primaries and caucuses in early 2012 in much larger numbers than has happened in the past.

The bottom line
is, as the title of Erik's column suggests, that now isn't the time to settle for whoever the establishment elite pushes on us. To win the general election and defeat Barack Obama, we need a candidate that we can get very excited about in November of 2012. This country desperately needs a Conservative leader, not a reader. Should we get anybody that is anything less, it wouldn't surprise me if the leading write-in vote is "Erik's cat" in November 2012.  I'm just sayin'...

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Now is not the time to settle

By Erik Rush

June 16, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

There are many fundamental facts of life that are simpler than we humans tend to make them. These are far simpler still than recognized "experts" would have us believe they are; this is because they often stand to receive ego gratification and/or power as a result of so doing.

Geopolitics, for example. Something as simple as "the law of the jungle" is all one really needs to comprehend in order to grasp a working knowledge of geopolitics. If you're weak, you can be taken advantage of; if you're strong, this is less likely. The reason that the rest of the world was able to enjoy the fruits of America's innovation and progress (as well as our charity) over the last 150 years was because we had the might to preserve that which we had built.

Then there's economics. If you consume less than you produce, you have a surplus. If you consume more than you produce, you have problems. Anyone who offers a more complicated or convoluted assessment than that probably has a self-serving agenda.

The selection of a presidential candidate is a lot like that, too – even though the 2012 election cycle promises to be like no other. Sometimes you have a candidate you can really get behind, and sometimes it's a choice between the lesser of two evils. In other unfortunate instances, it just doesn't matter; voters will be screwed no matter what they do. In a perfect America, of course, the first example would be the norm.

America is currently gravitating toward the European model, in which the last of the above examples will be the norm forever after. Right now, factions in the Republican Party are trying to find one of the first, someone we can get fired up about. Unfortunately, there are also those in the GOP who would make it another 2008 race, pitting the lesser of two evils against one another yet again.


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