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Debauchery USA ~ By Barry Farber

Once you lose that power of shame it's like society losing its immune system. When a serial liar is pelted with lucrative offers, the outgoing message is terrible. What can one individual do against the elevation of the unworthy? I say, fight in your own weight class. I don't expect you to make Larry Flynt withdraw his offer or make a publisher forget about a Weiner tell-all book. But you can speak up at the office, the dinner party, the bowling alley and embolden those around you who agree but are too timid to take the lead.

You can stick the bony finger of indignation into the cackling face of evil.

At the moment, all we're gaining in America from this sorry episode is the awareness that the secretary of state of the leading nation in the free world has a top assistant whose mother is intertwined with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Don't go wobbly. The little limerick says it all:

God's plan made a hopeful beginning.

Man spoiled it somewhat by sinning.

We trust that the story

Will end in God's glory.

But at present, the other side's winning.

When I was a youngster growing up in the 1950's and 60's, if I deserved it, a good spanking was in order, even at school. Forgetting to wear a belt to school earned a trip to the principle's office, along with the embarrassment that was enhanced by my mom's scowl for having to bring a belt to school for me. Teen pregnancies were rare, because they would result in family shame. There would either have to be a "shotgun wedding," or the child would have to be put up for adoption. Abortions were also rare, because they were illegal, and unsafe, as coat hangers and back alleys were often involved.

Things began changing, though, in the late 60's and early 70's. In his column, Barry Farber correctly explained that it was the lack of shame that infected our society like a virus attacking our bodies with no immune system. (Okay, maybe Barry stated it much better by writing, "Once you lose that power of shame it's like society losing its immune system.") And it seems that even Barry Farber admits that fighting the evil forces that we are confronted with may seem futile.

What Barry Farber did not say in this column is how we got to this point of Debauchery USA, which kind of surprised me. So, allow me: Marxists. It was all in their plan to infiltrate Hollywood, the entertainment industry (musicians), academics, churches, the press, and ultimately do all they could to lower our moral standards by using the "freedom" card. They managed to get many of us willing to believe that freedom meant that we should be allowed to just "do our own thing."  
I'm wondering if getting people to accept, or at least be more tolerant, of marijuana use helped them with that? (And notice, the Left doesn't ever equate freedom with responsibility!)

So, yes, Barry Farber was absolutely accurate in explaining that fighting the lack of moral standards in America
is now very difficult, especially because people like FORMER Representative Anthony Weiner and former President Clinton, could end up gaining from their indiscretions.  Can I expect to make a difference if I "speak up at the office, the dinner party, the bowling alley and embolden those around you who agree but are too timid to take the lead"? Or, will I only encounter problems by being a "wholesome-ite"? After reading this column, will you be emboldened to stand up to the evil lurking from the Left, and be willing to "stick the bony finger of indignation into the cackling face of evil"? I'm just sayin'...

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Debauchery USA

By Barry Farber

June 22, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Maybe you had to be there to feel the power. I was, on New York's Fire Island, only one scant social level lower than the fabled Hamptons where Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin were rumored to be enjoying mid-scandal acclaim. It was a summer in the 1960s, and the hostess already had the cheese, crackers and wine out when she got a call.

"We're sorry to do this to you," the woman calling began, "but we're all Catholics, and we're so rattled by the Vatican II conference in Rome. Instead of coming as we promised, we have to get our people together and discuss what all this means to us and the way we were brought up. Please invite us again, if you can find a way to forgive us!"

I thought of that when the odd drama of Anthony Weiner took such a startling turn last week. Not his resignation from Congress. That wasn't startling. It was what came next: the huge offers; the book deal; Larry Flynt, the high priest of porn, begging him to come work with his erotic empire at a higher salary; the riptide of a strange kind of sympathy for the disgraced congressman. It was beyond sympathy. It was more like "You know, if we all get together we can make Weiner the Comeback Kid!" Look now for a reality TV show and a think-tank gig.

Suddenly I feel the need to "get OUR people together." Are you one of "our people"? Easy to tell. Do you see all this triumph and treasure descending upon Weiner as a great way to stick it to the sanctimonious moralists denouncing his antics? Or do you feel more like pounding the pulpit and throwing yourself on the church floor while decrying the handbasket-headed-for-hell in which we find ourselves? Let's call the two groups the "debauch-ophiles" and the "wholesome-ites."

I'm a wholesome-ite.

If you are, too, congratulations for admitting it. Will you further admit we've suffered a stunning defeat?


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