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A formerly free people ~ By Henry Lamb

URGENT UPDATE! (28 JUN 11):  Before you begin your journey through this post, there is something else that you should read first. I wrote a column back on July 26, 2009, and all I said then will be consistent with what I will tell you now.  Please read this first:  Don't Give Up

The belief that the rights of the community outweigh the rights of the individual is the bedrock principle of communism. The belief that government has the inherent right to dictate the behavior of its citizens is another bedrock principle of communism. The belief that government should manage the economic affairs of its citizens is directly out of the Communist Manifesto. The more the Communist Manifesto is read and understood, the more clearly one sees the transformation that has been imposed upon a formerly free people.

The transformation began long before Barack Hussein Obama. He, unfortunately, seeks to drive the final nail into the coffin of freedom. Obama and the so-called progressives he leads are working diligently to expand government power and diminish the rights of the individual, to destroy the last vestige of a free market and to denigrate and discredit all who disagree with their communist philosophy.

Nowhere has this philosophy been delivered through local governments more effectively than through the idea of "sustainable development," defined in Agenda 21. Sustainable development means "government-approved." Every time the word "sustainable," appears, replace it with the term "government-approved." Think about it: "government-approved" development; "government-approved" agriculture; "government-approved" communities. Sounds a lot like communism, doesn't it?

This is what happened to freedom.
Hi, it's me, John Kubicek, otherwise known as johnny2k. There are a few things that we need to discuss regarding this article by Henry Lamb. It's a great column, which you will find out for yourself when you read it. What Henry writes, though, made me wonder about a few things. One of the first things that came to my mind when reading this column was to ask how we have allowed this to happen.

So, why did you so willingly give up on your freedom? .... What? You say there is no way that you would ever give up your freedom? Well, then why did you go along with socialism, if not outright communism, so willingly? ... No? Well, okay, but you are aware that when the government begins taking away our choices through the free-market system, it is one of the basic principles of establishing communism, right?

Sure, you'd never be for something like that! Then why is it okay when many government entities, at every level, began telling you where you could - or actually, can not - light up a cigarette? I know, I know, that darn second-hand smoke. You don't smoke, and you don't want to smell second-hand or third-hand (that is one of the new health buzz-words) smoke. I don't blame you! Yuck! Not to mention, people were walking into their privately-owned business establishments of choice, where even non-smoking areas were already voluntarily set up, and they just plain dropped dead on the spot when they got a whiff of cigarette smoke., that didn't happen. But, suddenly, somebody in the government said that second-hand smoke could kill us all, and poof! The rights of the business owners - you know, those that have their own private property - were eliminated. They were no longer able to compete for the market share of people that actually still smoke cigarettes... Oh, right, all of their customer base is now dead! I forgot!

But, shoot, you were okay with that, weren't you? You didn't seem to mind when people that think they know better than we do, and that are just looking out for our safety, could regulate and outlaw certain behavior for our benefit, and destroy somebody's business and income. Hey, they make so much more money than their employees! They're evil! That's right! And, just like the government agency, the TSA, is looking out for your welfare by making a 95 year old lady with cancer remove her diaper if she wanted to fly! Sure, it is for our safety AND security!

Okay, I understand it now. YOU weren't one of those people that would fall for the government's attempts to gradually push America toward communism - let alone, socialism - and losing our freedom. It's my guess that you wouldn't be reading my blogs if you were. Okay, I feel better now..... Umm, no, I'm not quite yet feeling reassured. And I'll tell you why.

It is because I am just as guilty, if not even more so than you. People beat each other up just to be in the gallery at the Casey Anthony trial, but have you ever seen that happen while attempting to attend a school board meeting or hearings on various city ordinances? Well, you probably haven't, and it is because of one of two reasons: 1) You didn't go, or 2) not a lot of people were participating and fighting for a spot in the audience. And I have been one of the guilty ones that didn't attend those kinds of activities... Wasn't my cup of tea, had kids to ruin, work kept me so busy, and I needed to watch all the latest movies and my favorite athletic teams win the championship....

Let's face it, Marxism and Progressivism have been around for a long time. However, it probably wasn't until around 1970 when their foothold became apparent in society, and our minor annoyances with liberalism began. It was around that time that education and media became controlled by the Left. We've had forty years to take some action, but we didn't for the reasons that I explained above. This isn't about Barack Obama, who, as Henry wrote, "unfortunately, seeks to drive the final nail into the coffin of freedom."

Thank God for the Tea Party Movement, those rebellious citizens that are raising their voices, yelling, and telling the government that it has finally gone too far. We can only pray that it isn't too late, that many of us have woken up in time to get to work to stop the "progress."

Like I said, it is probably all of you that are reading this column that are already awake. Now, I ask, what are you going to do to wake up all those around you to tell them about communism and the threat to our freedom? Will you do that? Are you up to the task? Of course you are! Do you understand the ramifications of what will happen if we don't fight tooth and nail to keep freedom alive for our children and grandchildren? Of course you do!

Now, it is time for you to read Henry's column. Watch how he lists the gradual losses of our freedom to make our own choices. Hey, these are just honest observations and the ability to bluntly stun the heck out of those that haven't been paying attention. It sure beats throwing a bucket of cold water on you to wake you up. I'm just sayin'...

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A formerly free people
By Henry Lamb

June 25, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Editor's note: Listen to this column online.

When Constitutional scholar Barack Hussein Obama and the assortment legal advisers that surrounds him decided that the Commerce Clause authorized the federal government to force private citizens to purchase a product, freedom vanished from America.

With this newly declared authority, the federal government can force its citizens to do anything the government wishes. This omnipotent power is the same power exercised by the governments of Hitler, Stalin and all other despots who have denied freedom to their citizens.

What happened to freedom? It was erased, little by little, until we no longer have a choice among the types of light bulbs we buy. Government has dictated that its citizens can no longer buy a 40-cent incandescent light bulb; after Jan. 1, formerly free people living in a formerly free-market system will be forced by government to buy a $4 light bulb, probably made in China.

People in King County, Wash., are no longer free to use their private property as they wish; government has dictated that its residents must leave 65 percent of their property in its natural condition. People in Orem, Utah, are no longer free to water, or not water, their lawn. Betty Perry's lawn was not as green as the government thought it should be, so an enforcement officer "…dragged her sorry a-- off to a holding pen," according to press reports at the time. In Collier County, Fla., people who live in designated areas south of State Road 80 are not allowed to develop their land. People who live in designated areas north of the highway are free to develop their land. Collier County is truly the land of the free – if you happen to own land in a government-designated area north of State Road 80.

Government says you must not smoke in public places or in many private businesses, and in some locations, not even in your own home. Government says you must wear a helmet if you ride a motorcycle. Government says you must wear seat belts in your automobile. Government says your child must be in an approved car seat if your car is moving on a public highway. These are a few examples of government-mandated behavior. If you deposit $5,000 or more in cash, the government requires the bank to report it. Finally, you, or anyone, can be detained by law enforcement officers – without a warrant – upon the simple declaration that you are suspected of affiliation with terrorist activity. Is this a government-controlled society or what?


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