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Satire: Slap in the face or flattery? ~ By Victoria Jackson

Satire is a more subtle way to present one's ideology than the Joy Behar method: "(Sharron Angle is) going to hell! She's going to hell, this b---h!"

I wish we could attack the issues and not the people, but somehow it gets all tangled up. Joy Behar just called Chris Christie "fat" when "The View" brought up the issue of cutting public education funding to balance the budget. Oh, for the day when we can all be kind to each other and politely discuss the issues instead of each other's physical foibles, because it's in everyone's best interest to do so.

I know Jenn Dodd will be famous soon. I hope that she doesn't fall into the trap of selling her soul to the progressives in exchange for fame. She doesn't have to be a liberal to be creative, successful and funny. Maybe she will be a trendsetter and think for herself.

If I could give Victoria some words of encouragement, it would be what Mike Huckabee said is an expression from down South: "Be grateful when you're getting kicked in the rear, because it means that you're out in front." That should answer her question right off the bat, right along with the quote she attributes to Charles Caleb Colton at the beginning of her column. And I was just getting ready to tell myself that was enough to go on, to satisfy my own need for answers and awareness, when I suddenly discovered that there was a much deeper meaning of the column that I had missed.

First, Victoria pointed out how funny Ms. Jenn Dodd was, and as you'll see in the video below, the girl's got talent! Yes, satire in the form of imitation can be flattery, especially when it is clever and funny. Later in the column, though, Victoria alludes to the mean side of satire, and particularly political discussion. As she writes, "Satire is a more subtle way to present one's ideology than the Joy Behar method..." Absolutely! Sure, we've seen the Joy Bohar method, the politics of personal destruction, kind of like how Sarah Palin was treated during the election in 2008!

What Victoria was able to do in her commentary is actually an exposition of the difference between the way Conservatives and Liberals make their arguments. Liberals have become a collective of "Borg-like" drones, dedicated to the Saul Alinsky principles of attacking and demeaning their opponents, rather than making their own case on the actual facts of the issues. (Kind of like Casey Anthony's defense team is doing, isn't it?)

I am hoping that you will take my points into consideration as you read Victoria's latest article. She's right! Wouldn't it be much better if people could have a civil discussion rather than the way the progressives have this desire to throw in personal foibles, running people into the ground, rather than explaining why the Right is wrong? Doesn't that cast some doubt on the rational that they base their reasoning on? 
(Of course, that explains why the Liberals/Progressives CAN'T!)   I'm just sayin'...

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Satire: Slap in the face or flattery?
By Victoria Jackson

June 24, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Satire: 1) a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn, 2) a trenchant wit, irony or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly

"Imitation is the sincerest of flattery." Charles Caleb Colton (1780 - 1832)

I wasn't allowed in the piano exam room at the University of Miami, so I was standing in the hallway listening to my teenager's Rachmaninoff rumble through the wall. I started thinking about the news that Weiner's wife, Hillary's assistant, Huma, is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Man. What a web of evil the capital has become. I started goofing around with my new cell phone. I cannot operate it. I put it in my pocket and it calls people. I kept swiping the screen trying to get Janine Turner's number because I was booked to be on her new radio show in exactly 10 minutes. Swipe, swipe, swipe. It kept flying past J and landing on P. Then, YouTube popped up and I stumbled upon this video of a young lady named Jenn Dodd doing an impression of me!

Video provided by jenndoddisfunny on Mar 24, 2011

My first thought was, Ouch, she's making fun of me. My second thought was, Wow, she's making fun of me. My third thought was, She's really talented and funny. My fourth thought was, Tell "Saturday Night Live." (So I did.) My fifth thought was, I hope that while she's researching me, she learns something about the danger our country is in.

When I was 20, the last thing on my mind was "my country." But, things were different then. Our president wasn't a communist. People can laugh, but it doesn't change the facts. I looked up O's church of 20 years' mission statement. It is frighteningly racist (white hating) and Marxist. If brilliant comediennes want to make fun of me for exposing that, fine. I love to laugh. But, if Obama is elected for a second term, no one's going to be laughing.

Next time Jenn satirizes a conservative, I hope she listens to the message. "Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy" (Winston Churchill). It rewards lethargy and apathy. Capitalism rewards motivation, ingenuity and action. Right now, half of the adults in America are receiving some kind of government benefit and not paying taxes. This system is unsustainable. How can I explain this to a 20-year-old?

I'll let Allen West explain it.

Video provided by DearCitizenTv on May 14, 2011


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  1. Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but is that all the lefties can do? Oh, that's right, they're also really good at projecting a complete lack of thought in the stubborn pursuit of their I hate Obamacare because Obama is a communist.

    True, maybe if Victoria's own Tina Fey would actually research her idol's positions, she could then muster sufficient wherewithal to exit the comedic load road and head to the "sunny uplands" of her once bright future.