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I'm suing Hollywood for discrimination! ~ By Victoria Jackson

The mainstream media may deny that they have accomplished their goals, but the truth is: "We have abortion virtually on demand, same-sex marriage in an increasing number of states, Obamacare, massive entitlements, the 'hook-up' culture, obsessive environmentalism, and Judeo-Christian values are under constant assault, etc. Hollywood has without a doubt pushed America further left, and Shapiro proves that theory to be fact in his new book."

See Ben's interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity:

Video provided by SuchIsLifeVideos on Jun 1, 2011

I'm really not the suing type. But, Ben Shapiro's got me thinking about it.

Note: As a follow-up to last week's piece, "I Love Jews!" Check out Ben's column on JINOS ("Jews In Name Only")!
In my previous post, while I was pondering on Barry Farber's column, "Communism's rebirth – at our expense," I wrote this:
Honestly, I have to wonder what could possibly have shoved all of the bad memories of what Communist nations did to their people down the memory hole. The media? Educators? Government propaganda? Hope and change?
Oops, I missed one: Hollywood (unless you include it in the Media category).

I really, really hope that including Hollywood in the list of institutions of American culture that have assisted in our attempted national suicide will not shock you. Okay, maybe 35 years ago, it might have shocked us. Many of the shows back in the day on TV, or on the big screen, were wholesome. Cosby. Rocky. Richy Cunningham. And yes, even "Family Ties" (with Michael J. Fox), even though Conservatism was constantly being attacked. At least we had Alex P. Keaton, who always tried his best to set the record straight! (Or, did he?) And yes, the show was attempting to normalize liberal views, just as so many other shows have done since. Who knew?

I can definitely understand Victoria's frustration with trying to land an acting gig in Hollywood. However, suing is obviously not the answer. It may be time for Victoria to look outside of Hollywood for acting jobs, which she is probably doing already. There are many alternatives to Hollywood, including great Christian and faith-based films and TV shows, or maybe producing some more great Tea Party documentaries or short films.  Hey, here's one that Victoria was in:

Video provided by PasadenaTeaParty ~ November 02, 2009

Look, at one time, there were very few choices of TV and radio that had a Conservative edge. And now we have Conservative talk radio that exploded following the end of the Fairness Doctrine. We have Fox News as an alternative to the mainstream media news, CNN or MSNBC... Well, guess what? There are good actresses and actors, directors, and producers that could be taking on Hollywood. Like in "The Field of Dreams," if it (Conservative and faith-based media) is built, they (an audience) will come. Being the audience is up to those of us that are just plain sick and tired of the garbage that Hollywood has provided over the last few decades. Victoria wouldn't need to sue Hollywood. I think we'd flock to see anything she was involved in. I'm just sayin'...

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I'm suing Hollywood for discrimination!

By Victoria Jackson

June 03, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences,
North Hollywood, 2007 (photo by Brenda Salmon).
I've always blamed my lack of acting jobs on myself; my weight, my age, my talent (or lack thereof) my location (I live in Florida). But now, drumroll please, 27-year-old Ben Shapiro, summa cum laude UCLA graduate and cum laude Harvard Law graduate, author of "Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV," has given me permission to sue Hollywood for discrimination!

Shapiro has proven, with over 70 audio-taped interviews of the Hollywood elite, that there is not only a liberal bias and a conscious liberal agenda, but an outright "McCarthy-ish" blacklist against conservative artists, writers and actors. I knew it!

But, how do you prove discrimination? Your agent doesn't call you and say, "Vicki, you didn't get the role. The producer said he hates Christians," or "Hi, Victoria! The director said he did not give you the role because you are an outspoken conservative." Oh, no. Your agent calls and says, "They went a different way," or "I can't get you an audition for that, they already cast the role."

Discrimination isn't direct. Discrimination is a fog that permeates an institution or a culture, silently and stealthily seeping into the cracks, touching everything yet invisible, unheard and un-acknowledged. It needed to have a light shone upon it. Now it can dissipate.

Ben Shapiro was born under the Hollywood sign. His dad is a film composer. His mother runs business affairs for several reality shows. Ben used to think that the claim of anti-conservative discrimination was "overblown and self-serving," put out there by the sour-grapes-ers who just "couldn't hack it in Hollywood" … until it happened to him.

Ben explains, "(Aaron Spelling's former partner) Leonard Goldberg ("Blue Bloods") suggested I write a pilot for him based on Harvard Law. I did that, and then found an agent. The agent was excited about working together. About three weeks later, he called me and told me he didn't know if he could represent me. I asked why, and he told me that one of his agents had sent off my stuff to a producer in town. The producer had Googled me, found my politics and told the agent that he would never work with someone of my political persuasion."

How did Ben get taped interviews with over 70 Hollwood big shots? He called them. He told them his name, Shapiro, and that he graduated from Harvard Law School. He used buzz words like "social justice" and "diversity." He wore a baseball cap. They assumed he was a leftie. They relaxed and told the truth.

Go to Ben's website to hear some of these Hollywood insiders incriminate themselves.

Is there any hope? Yes. Ben says "conservatives must enter the culture war. … It will take cash and talent." Although the left has 60 years on us in TV, "the process is not irreversible. As the television industry morphs into an Internet/television cyborg, the market is beginning to open for non-liberal creators and executives."


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