Sunday, November 15, 2015

To the Tantrum Generation: Forget college ~ By Patrice Lewis

Patrice Lewis suggests School of Hard Knocks for real education

When I read this column, there wasn't a thing that I could disagree with. Patrice has it exactly right, and I like her thinking. The timing of this column could not have better, either, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders running around promising free tuition or a government pay-off of all student loans.
So to all you college cupcakes, if you really want to make yourself employable, skip the social justice warrior route and instead spend your time cultivating the intangible but valuable skills all employers seek: a strong work ethic, discipline, self-control, a dedication to your commitments, the ability to arrive on time, to perform a task without complaint and (after training) without supervision, the ability to write coherently instead of like a texting monkey, the ability to speak clearly without saying “like” or use an expletive every fourth word, and other indefinable skills that raise you head and shoulders above the crowd.
After you read this column, you will see the fallacy of the Democrats' vision of free college education. For those students that have worked hard and sacrificed to get through college, it would be the ultimate stab in the back for the nanny state to make it possible to saturate the job market with a much higher supply than there is a demand for college graduates. All that will do is lower everybody's wages when they go into the work force.

And believe me, having a college education doesn't guarantee a good paying job. But, even more compelling is that Patrice pointed out the fact that many people can get into the trades and make a great income, and a military stint can greatly increase the skills of the kids along with helping to pay for further education.

The social justice whiners just don't get it! Do they really think that ANYONE voting next November will vote for a candidate with a plan to educate even more kids with a major in whining for a living? Not a chance. Just sayin'...

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To the Tantrum Generation: Forget college

I'll admit my college days are long behind me. I was an undergrad from 1980-1984 and a graduate student from 1993-1995. What do I know of modern campus concerns? So call me an old fuddy-duddy, but it sure seems college students are becoming dumber and dumber. First there's the serious issue of studying utterly useless subjects.…

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