Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Boots on the ground? Yes, on U.S. border ~ By Diana West

Diana West
Diana West warns against 'another pointless war in the Middle East'

While Diana made some good points in this column, I'm not sure I can totally buy into her overall strategy. But yes, there is a part that I absolutely agree with Diana on:
Any American “boots on the ground” in response should be on the U.S. border. If, God forbid, a soldier is killed there, at least he died for his country.

The fact is, the first line of defense in this war is our border – all of our borders, from the nation-states of Europe, struggling to break free from the socialism- and diversity-enforcing EU behemoth, to these United States of America, struggling to break from the socialism- and diversity-enforcing White House behemoth. These borders – these sovereign states – are all (an exception is Hungary) undefended by governments in thrall to global imperatives, not responsibility for their own citizens or their own laws. It is first and foremost at these borders that the main mechanism of societal destruction is being activated by massive, lawless population shifts from the Third World, the Islamic world.
The truth is, the last line of our defense won't be at the borders, as non-vetted refugees from Syria, supposedly, come into this country, thanks to the non-vetted Commander-in-chief. It will be us, the citizens, those that value the Second Amendment and own firearms. We also need to vastly decrease the number of soft targets that could be attacked by eliminating "gun-free zones."

But it isn't just a matter of boots-on-the-ground when it comes to defending this country from attacks. The reluctance to use ground troops in pushing back ISIS is somewhat justified, but the downsizing of the U.S. Military is not. The drastic cuts to our military strength has emboldened our enemies. The Liberals/Progressives in America that think and say our continued security in America is dependent on reversing global warming are lying to you, while in the meantime, radical Islamist terrorists are attacking our allies, and they're coming for us. Just sayin'...

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Boots and the ground? Yes, on U.S. border

Fourteen years after 9/11, the civilized world has finally become unified, working as one in response to global jihad by … lighting up landmarks in the colors of the latest victim-state. This is not an effective response. Nor are public displays of grief, including candles, teddy bears and flowers. Nor is embarking on another pointless war…

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