Monday, November 30, 2015

Bitter Obama Prepares to Go to War… with America ~ By D.C. Whispers

The latest polling data shows nearly 70% of Americans do not support Barack Obama’s policy of admitting thousands of Syrian refugees into the country.

It is said the president is taking that overwhelming opposition very personally to the point of sulking and lashing out against the sycophantic staff whom Jarrett hand picked to surround him.
So, what did we expect when this enigmatic President with a fealty to George Soros, Hollywood liberals, and Marxist globalists doesn't get his way? And now there aren't even enough low-info voters that support or even endear his ridiculous plan to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees who can't really be vetted. Unfortunately for Barack Obama, he somehow confused compassionate Americans (on both sides of the aisle) with his view that the American people aren't smart enough to know that his Terrorist Importation Plan (TIP) would endanger all of us. Yeah. Actually, there are some that say that Obama actually knows that his TIP would be to the benefit of the Islamic extremists that want to terrorize us by killing many Americans.

This column from DCWhispers assumes a recent narrative that Valerie Jarrett is filtering bad news from Intelligence agencies is true. Really, I don't think so. Actually, the worse the news, the happier Barack Hussein is.

I think I know what it is that he wants: He's just waiting for an epic calamity that would justify his use of emergency powers, up to and including martial law (suspending the Constitution), and the suspension of the 2016 Election for the safety of the American people. Yep. I said it. I sure did. That is what is meant by preparing to go to war with America, ya think? He's mad, you know.  Just sayin'...

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Bitter Obama Prepares to Go to War… with America
By DC Whispers

Posted on November 23, 2015


ABOVE: With the Islamic-influenced Malaysian flag as a backdrop, Barack Obama publicly lashed out at any and all who have criticized his response to ISIS and his oddly driven desire to allow thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States. Mr. Obama went so far as compare those who oppose his policies to terrorists.
Barack Obama’s mood turned particular dark during his last day as a guest in Malaysia as remnants of news from the United States managed to bypass the protective barrier Valerie Jarrett maintains around him at all times. People are unhappy with his tepid tone regarding Islamic terror, and even more angry over Mr. Obama’s demand that thousands of Syrian refugees be granted access into the United States even as the latest Paris terrorist attack was carried out in part by radical Muslims posing as Syrian refugees.

The criticism has led to the abnormally thin-skinned Barack Obama to demand that Congress and the vast majority of the American people who oppose his Syrian refugee program, be ignored.

He is preparing to go to war – with America.

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