Thursday, November 12, 2015

Crybullies -- in Missouri and online ~ By Phil Elmore

Phil Elmore
Phil Elmore asserts, 'simply being white is enough to be branded a racist'

It is readily apparent that Phil Elmore came loaded for bear in this article. What happened at the University of Missouri was as follows:
The social justice agitators, fresh from successfully ousting their school’s leadership over the alleged, unproven and false claim of “racism,” have vowed that this is just the beginning. It seems a single black student heard a single epithet shouted at someone, by someone, under circumstances that can neither be proven nor specified. This was, in and of itself, enough to push the president and chancellor from their posts. This happens because the outrage voiced and amplified online becomes too great for its victims to bear.
The Social Justice Whiners, or SJW, being one and the same as "Crybullies," are not going to stop their screaming at the U. of Mo.  Nope, don't hand them a pacifier, as we are now finding that it doesn't stop their whining as they move on to other targets.  In fact, their bullying has spread across the country at many other universities.  Phil explains the paradoxical twist here:
To some, these SJW monsters are the creatures of the left’s own creation. Many have said that the liberal denizens of our nation’s ivory towers deserve what they get. They fed these monsters a steady diet of participation trophies, speech codes and yes-means-yes sexual assent contracts; how do they now object when their twisted children begin eating them? But as the universities fall, so do other American institutions. The monsters have the Internet, and it is the Internet that lets them propagate their hate and their fascism.
Everyone but the low-info useful idiots knew this would happen. I have to wonder how liberal academia is feeling right now. They filled the young minds with mush that ends up being turned against them, and it seemed to take them by surprise! Just sayin'...

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Crybullies -- in Missouri and online

To "connect the dots" is to draw conclusions – previously unmade conclusions – from available data. There are times, however, when connecting the dots produces a disturbing conclusion. This alarm is nothing short of a clarion call for change. It is the dead canary in the mine shaft. It is the collision alarm at the helm.…

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