Monday, November 23, 2015

Slam the door shut, America ~ By Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent urges U.S. leaders to learn from Europe's welcoming of Muslims

This column is not about whether it is right or wrong to take in the Syrian refugees. It would be better just to tell you that what Ted Nugent says here reflects the views of a significant number of Americans. (I will soon provide more information about that to back up my claim. Stay tuned, video to come.):
Enter Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

Amazingly, Mr. Obama wants to import a couple of hundred thousand Muslims over the next coming years. Only a dopey, liberal stooge would try and convince us that all these immigrants are peace-loving Muslims who will respect our Constitution and assimilate quickly into our society and culture. That dog won’t hunt.

The importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslims is a welcome mat for Paris-like slaughters right here on Main Street USA. We’ve already got more than enough lone-wolf nutjobs and psychos in America. To advocate importing more of them is sheer insanity or, if you wish, fundamentally transforming America. I say it’s both.


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Slam the door shut, America
Here's some free advice. Never try to pet a coiled rattlesnake. Never get between a sow grizzly bear and her cubs. Never import religious voodoo nuts. In the wake of the Paris slaughter and many other such vicious atrocities by Islamic gangbangers, the United States should learn a couple of things. A nation without secure borders…

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