Thursday, November 19, 2015

Am I really worse than ISIS? ~ By Phil Elmore

Phil Elmore
Phil Elmore tells of Twitter vitriol sent his way after Paris attacks

They don't feel any remorse. Despite the cold-blooded murders in Paris, the problem is that there are Muslims that are whining about Americans who are supposedly "Islamophobic." Phil explains that in this column, and especially here:
It tells us something profound, in fact, given the sheer and breathtaking volume of Muslim terror attacks occurring throughout the world, that the first and most vehement reaction by supposedly “moderate” Muslims is to whine that we are unfairly painting their death cult with a broad brush. Instead of standing with the West, they condemn us for “Islamophobia.” Instead of looking to their own religion and asking why so many of Allah’s followers murder innocent people, they lecture the West on tolerance. Instead of adding their voices to those mourning the dead, they use social media to sneer defensively at the living.
No, I really couldn't say it any better than Phil did in the above quote. However, I do have something to say in addition to Phil's thoughts: To anyone that thinks AND says that the "filter" for allowing Syrians to come here should depend on the refugee's claimed religion, that is the biggest mistake a politician could make! First of all, that is so contrary to our Constitution of the United States, specifically, the First Amendment!

Wait, maybe we should back up a little here. We really want to be compassionate, but we might want to do all that is possible to be vetting ALL refugees before we allow possible terrorists into the country. But in the mean time, we know that anyone that values our safety and security will probably be facing the same kind of condemnation in the furious torrents of absolute hostility that Phil experienced. Just sayin'...

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Am I really worse than ISIS?
An interesting thing happened Friday. Muslim terrorists, presumably with ISIS, attacked targets in Paris in a coordinated and bloody effort that left hundreds wounded and at least 129 dead. Like so many here in the United States, I took to Internet and social media to listen to the live news feed while crawling through various Paris…

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