Monday, November 30, 2015

Planned Parenthood shooter not fitting left's stereotype

Robert Lewis Dear registered to vote as 'female,' previously charged as Peeping Tom

So far, Robert Lewis Dear, 57, of Hartsel, Colorado, is disappointing those who tried to stereotype pro-life Christians as terrorists.

No evidence of Dear’s involvement or even opinion on the issue of abortion or religion has surfaced. Pro-life groups denounced the shooting and indicated they had neither interacted with or heard of him.
And before they even knew anything about the alleged perpetrator of a shooting in Boulder, Colorado, the Anti-Christian Troll Kiddies were firing off tweets and social media posts saying that it was another example of a white right-wing Republican Christian going off the deep-end and attacking an abortion clinic. Call it domestic terrorism if you wish, but there has yet to be an iota of evidence that links the shootings to any kind of religious group, let alone any Christian organization.

However, we must be clear about the fact that there can be crazy people of any race, nationality, gender identification, religious belief or political ideology. The domestic terrorists label should not be pinned on any specific group because of the actions of an individual that may fall into the wide scope of profiles, usually somewhere out in the fringes of society. Just sayin'...


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Planned Parenthood shooter not fitting left's stereotype
Robert Lewis Dear Throughout Friday's six-hour armed standoff at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility that left three dead and nine wounded, social media feasted on the fact the gunman was described as a white man, as WND reported. It didn't take long for that meager piece of information to morph into "Christian," "pro-lifer," and "Republican,"…

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