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Is that the sound of a constitutional resurgence? ~ By Erik Rush

Not to make it all about me; the fact is that all of this speaks to all of our efforts having an effect. Between public opinion turning against the Marxist-in-chief, elements of his own party and the liberal press abandoning him, emerging details relative to long-suppressed scandals and the freshness date on his rhetoric having long since passed, we may yet see a constitutional resurgence in America, whether or not Obama plays the last card in his Marxist deck – that of touching off civil war, of course.
Here I am posting this column by Erik Rush a little more than a month after it was written. I was going to post it back in December, 2013, when Erik penned this excellent column, but at that time, I hadn't decided on a few things I was going to do with this blog. As it turns out, this is the ideal time to be posting this column. The truth is, it is like the liberal press caught wind of what Erik says about President Obama, "elements of his own party and the liberal press abandoning him," as evidenced by a surge of attacks on Conservative Republicans by the New York Times and several mainstream news networks:

So, it's a pretty good question. Why is the leftist mainstream media suddenly going on this anti-right surge? They noticed Obama's poll numbers plummeting? Do they now realize that Erik was right when he said that "the fact is that all of this speaks to all of our efforts having an effect"? They won't be attacking any of the progressive establishment Republicans, who many of us call the RINOs. They will be coming after Conservatives, the Tea Party, and those of us that are spreading the word! So, now you have a good preview of what is to come in 2014. The Democrat/Leftist propaganda machine is just getting geared up, folks. But we must have our own surge, fellow patriots. Our freedom and our nation is in peril.

Is that the sound of a constitutional resurgence?

Erik Rush

By Erik Rush

December 4th, 2013

In the recent past, too few perceived the symptoms of the disease. Now that they are experiencing pain and discomfort, they’re palpitating the affected area to see what might be the matter. Such things as the bevy of political scandals involving the Obama administration, the implosion of the “democratic” Arab Spring and the sluggish economic recovery provided more latent symptoms. The acute symptoms came about through the NSA domestic spying scandal, Obama’s dictatorial measures during the partial government shutdown and, finally, the revelation of his grand deception with regard to Obamacare.

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