Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Glenn Beck compares Cuomo to George Wallace, others make comparison to Hitler ~ By Joe Newby

“We can’t have a free exchange of ideas because you don’t believe we belong here?” Beck asked. “Where would the disenfranchised of the world in history be if we didn’t have that pushback?”
Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has not only hurt himself and New York, but he has really hurt the Liberals and Democrats by showing their lack of tolerance for people that don't believe the same way as they do. You should see what both Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity had to say about what Cuomo's very tragic rant:

The Governor of New York, a state with a national ad campaign trying to draw businesses to their state by giving a ten-year tax amnesty, surely did a disservice to the tax payers in New York, by neutralizing the positive effects that may have been gained. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has snubbed the very people that WOULD bring successful business ventures to New York. When a governor says that they have no room for people that they don't agree with in their state, then what would make him think that an entrepreneur would believe that New York will be open to innovation and bold ideas? That doesn't sound so open to business, Gov. Cuomo! Just sayin'...

Glenn Beck compares Cuomo to George Wallace, others make comparison to Hitler

By Joe Newby

Policy & Issues Examiner

Cuomo's office backtracked from the governor's comments, claiming he really didn't say what he said, adding that conservative criticism of his comments is "false" and "unfair."

"The Governor has never demonized the opposition to his gun law nor stance on protecting choice nor marriage equality. The Governor is a gun owner and a Catholic. His faith is very important to him and he respects the Second Amendment," said Cuomo counsel Mylan Denerstein.

"The Governor was making the point that he makes often: New York is a politically moderate state and an extremist agenda is not politically viable statewide. New York has a long history of electing Democrats and Republicans statewide who are moderate rather than on the extreme ends of the political spectrum. That is an inarguable fact," he added.

But conservatives aren't buying it.

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UPDATE ... Jan. 23, 2014:

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