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Learn to Challenge the Status Quo ~ By Dr. Ben Carson

I can't remember how many times during my medical career I was told, "You can't do that; no one has done that before" or "Do you think all the incredibly bright people who have preceded you didn't think of that?" Certainly, if I had listened to those comments instead of critically analyzing the problems and using the triumphs and mistakes of others to produce innovative solutions, my career path would have been considerably different.

We have these magnificent brains with outstanding reasoning ability in order to be creative and to critically analyze what we hear and see. We must stop acting like pawns and start acting like masters of our own destiny.  ~~ Dr. Ben Carson
This is where I introduce Dr. Benjamin Carson to this blog. I became aware of him early last year. In 1984, he was named director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children¹s Center, a position he retired from on June 30, 2013. Released early in 2012, Dr. Carson's fifth book, "America The Beautiful," made The New York Times best-seller list. Dr. Carson has made frequent appearances on Fox News. I've included a very recent segment where he was talking with Neil Cavuto about problems with ObamaCare:

When you see the video above, and read the column, I'm sure that you'll easily understand why I need to include Dr. Carson and his wisdom in this blog. We can not afford to remain pawns, but we will if we remain too complacent to take any action. This country needs people like Dr. Ben Carson to lead by example. It's time for us to quit being pawns, because it isn't just a game of chess we're talking about here. It's our freedom.

Learn to Challenge the Status Quo

Dr. Ben Carson

By Dr. Ben Carson

Friday, 03 Jan 2014 11:14 AM

In the game of chess, pawns are just used for the purposes of the royal pieces. In real life, many in power selfishly use "pawns" — average citizens — while at the same time vociferously proclaiming that they are the only ones looking out for the interests of the pawns, who happily follow their commands, thinking that this "royal" contingent has their interests in mind.

However, in a chess game, a pawn can become any one of the royal pieces, if it can make it to the other side of the board. The opponent will do almost anything to keep one from reaching its goal, because that would interfere with the power structure. If they can keep the pawns on their side of the board, where it is much safer, the status quo can be maintained.

Although no analogy is perfect, it is pretty easy to see the point here. By keeping large groups of Americans complacent and afraid of challenging authority, the position, wealth, and status of those in power is secure. The last thing they want is for independent-thinking citizens to realize that this country was designed for them and not for an arrogant ruling class. They dread the possibility of people scrutinizing their words and deeds, and holding them accountable for the same.

By using strong-arm tactics and a sheepishly compliant news media, the supposed guardians of truth, they have become very successful at pawn control.

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