Sunday, January 19, 2014

Obama's bogus NSA plans mean nothing ~ By Larry Klayman

So President Obama’s sham proposals are just that – a ruse to lull the American people to sleep as his NSA continues to rape and pillage our privacy rights and to act as a sword to keep us silenced as he socializes and Muslimizes the nation to his designs.

It thus falls on us to continue to litigate our cases to a successful conclusion against Obama and the NSA, as this one heroic judge, Richard J. Leon, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, is the primary hope to protect the citizenry from the tyranny of this administration and its enablers in Congress, short of non-violent revolution.

~ Larry Klayman, from the article
Obama's speech late this last week was given to hopefully quell the fears of the people, and silence those of us who don't feel very comfortable with the NSA spying on us. It was given to allow the mainstream media the ability to say, "There's no more story here. Move along, folks."

It isn't going to work, hopefully. There is the New Media, and this story won't go away as long as we're still here. But wait! That's the ironic twist to the story, though. If we're right, and the government is using unconstitutional spying techniques against us, not to mention using the IRS to target Obama's political enemies to stifle their freedom of speech, we're then going to be in for some major trouble.

What I am afraid of, deep down, is that the abilities of the spy agencies are so technologically advanced, that if they are ever used by a tyrannical government that wants to take away our freedom... And Obama's speech should not make anybody feel anymore confident that it couldn't happen. Just sayin'...

Obama's bogus NSA plans mean nothing

By Larry Klayman

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Exclusive: Larry Klayman says NSA will continue 'rape and pillage our privacy rights'

Earlier today, President Hussein Barack Obama addressed the nation regarding the unconstitutional actions of spying on over 300 million American citizens by his National Security Agency (NSA) in an attempt to deflect from his newest “phony scandal.” The president’s so-called recommendations for his NSA and other intelligence agencies are vague, ill-defined and not genuine in any event.

In the wake of a host of these scandals, which now includes the NSA revelations by Edward Snowden, which have captured the nation’s and the world’s attention, and our successful lawsuit that recently resulted in the NSA being enjoined from further violation of our Fourth Amendment constitutional rights, the “Mullah in Chief” was caught with his dirty hands in the proverbial cookie jar and now has to appear to make amends to the aggrieved American people.

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