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O'Reilly and O'Bama ~ By Chrissy Satterfield

My fingers are crossed for O'Reilly. I know he'll do a great job, but I thought that about my Chargers, too, and look what happened. People will remember this interview. And I hope it's when they are at the voting booth. My dose of honesty: Obama better get his ducks in a row come Sunday morning. It's game time, and he's kept us waiting far too long.
Chrissy Satterfield gives us her Super Bowl pregame analysis of the Bill O'Reilly vs. Barack O'Bama bout to be aired before the big game. Will O'Reilly be able to deal some big punches, or will he hold off so he isn't disrespectful of the President? Will O'Bama be more prepared for any sports-related questions? Will he have his defenses ready to handle what is thrown at him? Or are we just going to just see another soft-ball contest like O'Bama expects from any of the news networks, even Fox News?

O'Reilly and O'Bama
By Chrissy Satterfield

February 02, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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All right, sports fans, get your cheese heads and your terrible towels ready. Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and since I can't stand the Steelers and my Chargers have been out of the running for quite some time, the most exciting thing I'm looking forward to is Bill O'Reilly's interview with the president during the Super Bowl pre-game show.

Finally, Obama will come down from his ivory tower and appear on the nation's No. 1 news network. That's right, No. 1. Fox News might be hated by some, but millions tune in every night. Put that in your pipe, CNN. Now, as most of you probably already know, this will be O'Reilly's second interview with Obama. He first appeared during the election campaign back in 2008. Apparently, when you're running for president it's OK to go on Fox, but after you've won you're too cool.

I'm anxious to see if either Obama or O'Reilly hold back. I know O'Reilly is "looking out for you," but I find it hard to believe that he would interrupt the president like he does most of his guests. I'm sure he'll be respectful, but I hope he puts Obama through the ringer just as he would any other wishy-washy guest. I'm also hopeful that O'Reilly makes Obama answer the questions directly and doesn't allow him to dance around them. The people deserve answers, and O'Reilly understands that.

I think we can rule out any sports questions since Obama's White Sox incident, where he couldn't name his favorite player. I'd blame the kerfuffle on nerves, but it was the easiest question in the book: "Who was your favorite player growing up?" Come on. He should have seen that coming. Hmm, I'm at a baseball game; they'll probably ask me a baseball question.

One question I'm crossing my fingers for is how Obama could say Fox News is "destructive." The president has bashed FNC on more than one occasion, always on the defensive. Obama has felt FNC is basically out to get him – and his little administration, too. First of all, this isn't "The Wizard of Oz," and FNC isn't the Wicked Witch of the West. No one is out to get the president, but if he and his administration screw up, someone should call them on it. He can't expect his mistakes to go unnoticed.


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