Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fantasy vs. reality: Margaret Mitchell vs. Scarlett O'Hara ~ By Victoria Jackson

If only the liberals could understand the difference. Spending money to fix a deficit is a pretend solution. Cutting programs is a real solution. Union entitlements are a pretend solution. Balancing the budget is a real solution. Amnesty for illegals is a pretend solution. Border control is a real solution. Giving free stuff to the poor is a pretend solution. Giving them a job is a real solution. A stimulus bill is a pretend solution. A free market for job creation is a real solution. Pouring tax payer money into public schools is a pretend solution. Good parenting is a real solution. Communism is a pretend solution. Capitalism is a real solution.

It's fun to play Scarlett O'Hara in a movie, but if you keep behaving like her when you get home – you're insane.

It is always fun reading what Victoria has to say. I look forward to it every week! Not every one of her columns will make it to this venue. Not because I didn't like the column, but because sometimes she makes it difficult to keep the context of what she writes in tact without seeing the whole column. I had a little problem doing that with this edition.

You will want to read the whole piece, just to make sure you get the complete picture of her thoughts. The way Victoria makes her point here is brilliant: Some things are pretend, and some are real. It seems that the enemy within is trying to use the pretend solutions to very real problems.

On a side note, when you watch the video by Polatik below, you may want to have your box of tissues close by. I'm a guy, but I'll admit I wasn't able to choke back a tear or two.

Fantasy vs. reality: Margaret Mitchell vs. Scarlett O'Hara
By Victoria Jackson

February 25, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

"Action!" I say, "Clippy, clippy, paper clippies" and walk through the library door with a box of paper clips. I see my husband on the floor with a gash to his head. I see my daughter's suitor running away. I assume there has been an assault. I grab a sword from a wall decoration and pursue the assailant. And, "Cut!"

I'm in Atlanta shooting a comedy for the 168 Film Festival, and I've been running up and down stairs in a "Gone With the Wind" mansion, wielding a sword and screaming for three days now. It's a fake sword, of course, rubber. Acting (pretend) is so much fun.

There is a lot of waiting, though, on the set; waiting for the lighting guys and grips to do their thing. So I start talking with the gracious homeowners who are letting us use their gorgeous home as a set. Their son is a Marine who just returned from Iraq and wrote a book, "The Quest for Absolute Truth" by Russell A. Newman. I'm very impressed with the book, the war hero and his parents who have worked hard, achieved the American Dream and offered up their only son to risk his life defending our liberty. They must be so proud. I'm proud to know them. This is reality.

"Action!" I run toward my daughter's suitor and attempt to stab him with the sword. He ducks and my sword pierces a priceless family portrait. "Cut!" The prop worked! We all have a good laugh. "Action!" Frustrated that I cannot retrieve my sword from the wall, I pick up another picture and smash it over the suitor's head! "Cut!" The prop worked perfect. We all high-five each other. This is fantasy.

Waiting for the next shot, I'm outside staring at a bird's nest buried in a thorny brown winter bush. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should steal it. It looks abandoned. Don't birds fly south for winter and then build new nests in spring? My phone rings and it's the only rapper I am a fan of, Polatik, aka David Sauselito. He wants me to hear his new rap, "Why Her?" "It's a testimony about the situation my family is going through right now, and how we are dealing with it."

I am immediately snapped back into reality. I met Polatik on the Tea Party Express bus. David is a pastor who used to be a criminal. Jesus changed his life, and hanging out with David is like attending a 24/7 Bible study. Now he is going through this trial. I hang up my phone and say a prayer for him.

"Action!" I am thrashing my fake sword again, this time from a moving golf cart as the suitor flees through our big, iron gate. I love pretending. The suitor shouts, "But I love her!" My beautiful, fake daughter (Carissa Capobianco) swoons. My fake husband (Andrew Masset), with a fake bandaged head shouts back, "We don't care!" and the gates close on the handsome, innocent suitor. "Cut!"


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