Saturday, February 19, 2011

Depends on what the meaning of the word 'destroy' is ~ By Erik Rush

Progressives (American neo-Marxists) have long known that given the American sociopolitical dynamic, this nation would require a significantly different "undoing" than would Egypt, a European nation or some Central American banana republic, for them to effectively actualize their vision. This is what they have been working toward for decades, and what the Obama administration has accelerated dramatically since 2009.

Americans want comfort and stability – in some cases, even more than their liberty – and this attitude has been encouraged by liberals over the years via the psychology of dependency and entitlement. So, just how unpleasant will things have to get before the American people become willing to trade their remaining liberties for food, fuel, medicine and safety from hordes of gang-bangers and looters?

Erik tries to assure his readers that when he and others talk about Obama "destroying" America, it isn't meant as physical destruction. And really, it hasn't just been Obama that is responsible, though he may be the progressive that finally pushes America over the edge of the cliff. The progressives have spent the last century eroding away the American spirit that has kept this country free.

Depends on what the meaning of the word 'destroy' is

By Erik Rush

February 17, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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As America's economic and geopolitical situation becomes more and more grave, conservative and libertarian-leaning observers become baffled and at odds with each other over their respective analysis of the Obama administration's policies.

President Obama's nauseatingly contrite foreign policy and appeasement of Islamists have emboldened our enemies worldwide, and it may well be years before we know to what degree this has factored into recent events in Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia and other Middle Eastern nations. His singleminded determination to continue "spending while the economy burns" (whilst attempting to convince us that he is being prudent) appears nothing less than madness to many.

However, the charge made by some (including myself) that the president is intent upon "destroying America" has invited ridicule, since the left and the press in particular typically paint all Obama detractors with a very wide brush. Logically, of course, it doesn't make any sense that a world leader of any political persuasion would intentionally destroy his country.

Well, this would depend upon what the meaning of the word "destroy" is.

If the meaning of "destroy" is turning America into a barren, smoldering, toxic moonscape from coast to coast, something out of "The Road Warrior" or "Resident Evil," then Obama almost certainly does not wish to destroy America. This paradigm of destruction would be dismissed by Americans as ludicrous – at least as far as someone wanting to bring it about intentionally.

But there are other kinds of destruction. A family can be destroyed without its members being slaughtered and their house burned down. Varying brands of calamity and/or dysfunction have served to consign family units to a state of non-being. It happens all the time. Similarly, nations throughout history have been destroyed without the wholesale annihilation of their people, their farms being burned and their cities razed to the ground.


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