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Did Washington green light Mideast uprisings? ~ By Erik Rush

Obama, the consummate smoothie, continues to argue that his propositions are for America's good – and with the establishment press acting as his bureau of propaganda, an inordinately large number of Americans continue to believe him. Despite this, it has been widely noted that everything Obama does appears calculated to exacerbate our difficulties, rather than ameliorate them.

When you read the full column by Erik Rush, you will learn that I didn't excerpt the column from the beginning as I normally do. The column begins with Erik explaining that President Obama, "with the establishment press acting as his bureau of propaganda," is able to keep a large number of Americans believing that what he is doing is for the good of America, on the domestic side of the coin. Where it goes from there in this column, though, is the part that I wanted to focus on in this discussion of what Erik tells us.

It's really about Obama's foreign policy that is the cause for concern. For the last two days, I've posted a couple of stories as seen in the related story links below, where I believe I'm seeing a disturbing possibility that Obama's administration has been manipulating the way things are going in the Middle East for many countries, beginning in Tunisia, and then continuing on with the major problems in several other countries, including Egypt. I'm still in the process of understanding this fully, but there seems to be a weird trend that has all began to jell at the beginning of this year. Though we are not yet in the position of being able to answer the question, shouldn't we want to - and have to - ask, "Why?" It does not seem to be about the people in those countries suddenly wanting "democracy."  Nope, sorry, that wouldn't make sense.  Is there a possibility that there is an evil agenda to stir the pot in the Middle East to make another major war possible between the Islamic world and Israel?


Rush Limbaugh: Send Obama to be head of Egypt
U.S. 'held secret meeting with Muslim Brotherhood'

Did Washington green light Mideast uprisings?

By Erik Rush

February 03, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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Which brings us to his foreign policy. In regard to the nation of Egypt (which is at the brink of civil war as I write this), we have a Muslim-indoctrinated, anti-Israel American president insinuating himself into the political workings of the only major power in the Middle East that has been moderate with regard to Israel. On Feb. 1, WND's Aaron Klein revealed the secret machinations of the Obama administration in support of the Muslim Brotherhood's campaign to topple Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

The Muslim Brotherhood – which is dedicated to the implementation of Shariah law on a global level. There shouldn't be much question as to Obama's twofold motivations here: to coalesce Muslim influence in the Middle East and compromise the security of Israel.

Yet, even some prominent conservatives fail to see what is unmistakable to others: a regional Islamic uprising impelled by an American government that has promised some form of cooperation, and misrepresented as a democratic insurgency by Washington and the news media in order to assuage Americans' concerns.

Two weeks ago, Tunisia's government was brought down; two days ago, Jordan's King Abdullah II ousted his prime minister and Cabinet, and Yemen's president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, assured his people that he will not seek re-election in 2013, after more than 30 years in office. All of these came in the wake of mass protests.

Hello?  Is it even plausible that President Obama is simply reacting to all of this – or is it more believable that Washington's yet-undetected fingerprints are all over this crisis?

The depth and scope of Americans' perception and insight unquestionably leaves something to be desired here. It was worrisome indeed when otherwise sound-minded observers were taken by Obama's conciliatory words during the State of the Union address last month. Given the countless lies, clandestine measures and liberty-stultifying policies this president has employed, it is unfathomable to me that anyone given to cogent thought would see them as any more than, in Obama's own words of 2008, "just words."


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