Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Is this the challenger who will eject Pelosi?

From WorldNetDaily
'People in this district are getting just as sick of her as everyone else' Posted: December 01, 2009 ~ 9:42 pm Eastern © 2009 WorldNetDaily By Chelsea Schilling John DennisA libertarian conservative has declared his plans to "take out Nancy Pelosi" in the 2010 election to stop her from devastating the nation. John Dennis, a businessman and real-estate investor in California's 8th Congressional District, told WND, "I've decided to run because the statist Pelosi agenda will destroy America." Rep. Pelosi's district covers most of San Francisco, and Democrats have held the seat since 1949. Since first winning the House seat in a 1987 special election, Pelosi, 69, has breezed to re-election 10 times. President Obama received 85 percent of the vote there in 2008. Looking ahead to 2010 Speaker of the House Nancy PelosiWhat gives Dennis hope for 2010? "I think we can build a very sturdy case for taking out Pelosi," he said. "I find most of the people on the left find that she's not their cup of tea. She engages in a lot of class warfare, and there are a lot of folks on the left who are disaffected by her and disaffected with her. We're going to leverage as many of those relationships as we possibly can." READ FULL STORY >
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