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Presidency in free fall ~ By Herman Cain

Liberty or tyranny. Freedom or slavery. We still have the choice. Why do you think I am so desperately trying to get out the truth? Whether here or on my youtube channel, I do my best to get a whole lot of attention; not to me, but to the people that know how to make a whole lot of sense.

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So, I put the stuff out there, as much as I have time to do, on a daily basis. Believe me, I soak in a lot more information than I can ever have time to deliver to you. Every day, I am faced with decisions about what to produce. This column or that column, this news segment or that news segment. I have to decide what will do the most good towards the goal of spreading the idea of liberty.

So, I had to make that same decision once again last night. Not only did I want to pick the right column to put on this blog, but also which videos I wanted to include with it. (That's something I have been doing a lot more of lately; putting related videos with the columns I post is a time-consuming part of the projects.)

And the most difficult thing is knowing all the disparaging of tea partiers that I would like to be able to counter, and not having any more time than I do, I have to decide what to post or upload (video) that will counter the normal everyday slander.

But to see what has happened in the last three months has broken my heart, but not my spirit. I have been saddened by a drastic decrease in the views to this blog site. But yet, maybe there is something good from that. It does not mean that somebody won't come along and say, "Hey, I never heard about this stuff before, I wasn't aware of people like Herman Cain."

It is why I do what I do. Just hoping that one of you learns something that I had to learn along the way. It isn't about gaining fame and fortune. I know I am not going to reach millions of people. I'll leave that to the professionals, like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Herman Cain. Just sayin'...

Many congressional Democrats running for re-election are distancing themselves from the president, the health-care deform bill and the Cap-and-Trade-and-Tax-and-Kill bill. And they don't even talk about all of the spending, which has not been the solution to economic growth. In fact, they want to spend more!

And now the Democrats have decided to wait until after the November elections to pass legislation on the expiring current tax rates. This is a signal that the president and the Democrats are going to raise taxes. We just do not know whether it will be on all of us or some of us.

Instead of a parachute, this president and Congress are determined to put this economy and nation into a nose dive.
Presidency in free fall

By Herman Cain

Posted: September 27, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

In less than two years, this presidency has produced an unprecedented turnover rate of top administration advisers, a failed stimulus spending bill, failed economic policies that have left the economy stalled, much higher than expected unemployment, a hugely unpopular health-care bill, a financial regulatory deform bill, a list of expensive and poorly executed populist programs that flopped, out-of-control federal spending, uncertainty about success with the war in Afghanistan and increased tensions with Iran, North Korea and China.

Millions of voters have come to realize that this presidency lacks leadership, direction, decisiveness, economic urgency and, most of all, solutions. This combination of deficiencies has produced a more than uninspired citizenry, except for the most loyal and misled supporters of the president.

And just like the Obama supporter who confronted the president at a supposedly friendly town-hall meeting last week, people are exhausted from listening to all of the failed attempts to spin failures into successes with speeches and media sound bites.

A disheartened Obama supporter called my radio show last week and asked if I could name one thing that Obama had done right, since it seemed to him that all I talk about are the things that have not worked. I honestly tried to think of something significantly positive, but I could not. There have been too many disappointments and broken campaign promises.

This presidency is in free-fall, which means this nation is in free-fall.

But after further reflection, there is something this presidency has inspired. With the help of an incompetently led Congress, Obama has successfully awakened a citizen's movement that has stunned the political establishment in both parties.

Herman Cain : We the People

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The political establishment and the Obama media call it those tea-party people. They can't seem to understand why people are upset. Maybe they're not listening.

The administration, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats, the Obama mainstream media and other liberals have responded to the citizens' movement with nothing but name-calling attacks on the tea-party people. Those tactics have not worked. In fact, they appear to have further energized the citizen's movement. Demonization and intimidation of "We the People" is not working.

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