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The campaign that never ends ~ By Robert Ringer

Maybe I'm becoming soft, but I honestly believe that some liberal politicians are merely naïve, uninformed or disconnected from reality. But the PI [presidential impostor] is not one of them. One time, loud and clear: This is a truly bad human being who is in the process of destroying capitalism and the American way of life.

~ Robert Ringer
Anybody that truly believes that Barack Hussein Obama cares about America and our Freedom is naive. I know that is harsh, but I can't apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings, because I know I am right.

So, dare I say it? Barack Obama wants a Marxist one world government. The reason he is campaigning so hard, still, is not for the purpose of being re-elected. I do not believe he even intends to run for a second term. No, I believe he has his sites homed in on a higher position of authority: Secretary General of the United Nations.

Robert was correct when he wrote, "some liberal politicians are merely naïve, uninformed or disconnected from reality." I do not believe that a lot of Progressive politicians would believe that our President would purposefully destroy America for his own gain. "Heck no, that could never happen," they would snark with a smirk on their face.

But hey, I'm way off the subject of this column... Or was I? Maybe not. Before you decide if I'm off the subject, watch the following video:

We the People will say who we blame for the economy on November 2

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

Obama's "campaign that never ends," as Robert puts it, is about making sure that if the country goes to hell in a hand-basket, that he doesn't get the blame for it. That would not look good on his resume. So, he's got his liberal Democrat friends to go along with him to try to blame the economy on George W. Bush. And maybe President Bush did have a little to do with the direction the economy went, but the the economy really didn't start heading in the wrong direction until the Democrats took control of the House and Senate. Being aware that the Democrats in Congress wouldn't extend Bush tax cuts that would expire at the end of this year, the business leaders quit investing in new equipment and expansion, which eventually lead to where we are now. The house of cards that the Democrats had built over the last several decades began to collapse. Just sayin'...

Well, guess what? Straightening out the economy can be done with a minimum investment of time and effort. Simply repeal health care "reform," financial "reform" and virtually everything else that the PI and his comrades have forced into law by subverting the Constitution, cut personal taxes dramatically, eliminate both corporate and capital gains taxes, start dismantling the EPA, shut down the transfer-of-wealth programs euphemistically referred to as General Motors and Chrysler … for starters.

In other words, listen to the tea-partiers message: Government, get off our backs! Don't do anything to "stimulate" the economy and create jobs. Just get out of the way and remove job-killing taxes and regulations. We'll handle the rest, thank you.
The campaign that never ends
By Robert Ringer

Posted: September 10, 2010
1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

On Labor Day, I engaged in the most dangerous of all activities, jumping from channel to channel with the remote. Suddenly, there he was, the presidential impostor, or "PI". Forget the fact that the presidential election was almost two years ago – he was giving yet another campaign speech, this time in Milwaukee!

My self-discipline momentarily abandoning me, I got sucked into watching the PI for five minutes … then 10 … then 15 … until I finally became too nauseous to continue. In 15 minutes of nonstop lies, hollow rhetoric, whining, smart-aleck barbs and chest-puffing, the PI turned on his best street-thug accent and delivered a rousing tirade against villains of the common man: George Bush, "fat cats on Wall Street," the minority Republicans in Congress and a variety of other straw men.

At one point, he shrieked, "We didn't become the most prosperous country in the world by supporting greed and recklessness." No mention of the fact that his "stimulus package" has failed to lower the unemployment rate to 8 percent as promised. No mention of the fact that he has quadrupled the evil George Bush's deficit. No mention of the fact that spouse Angela Davis II spent $500,000 vacationing in Spain for a few days. No mention of anything substantive.

Reacting to criticism that he doesn't show enough emotion, he suddenly morphed himself into a hell and damnation preacher. I hate to admit it, but it was actually humorous watching him do a pretty darn good imitation of Howard Dean delivering his infamous "Yahhhh!" speech.

When the PI did a repeat performance in Cleveland, it became clear that he intends to stick with the game plan he unveiled in Milwaukee: "I'm gonna do this" and "I'm gonna do that" … "Ain't no way this" and "Ain't no way that" – without ever saying anything true or coherent.

The plan seems pretty straightforward: Stay in campaign mode. Don't go near anything that might remind folks of the disastrous results of your policies, and keep believing that enough Americans will remain in an information-deficit coma until after the elections.

The PI even had the audacity to say that he's going to "restore the American dream." Whoa! Hold on there, junior. Now you're crossing into my territory. I'll tell you how to restore the American dream – and it's not by collapsing the economy and establishing a totalitarian regime in Washington.

To restore the American dream, all redistribution-of-wealth functions of government need to be phased out along with most taxes. Every individual should be given the opportunity to succeed or fail according to his own abilities and efforts – without interference from government.

The American dream will be restored when people accept the fact that their desires and "needs" are subordinate to the cause of liberty. If the American dream means anything, it means that liberty must be given a higher priority than all other objectives.

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