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Wake up! He's a communist! ~ By Erik Rush

Or, how about Obama signing executive order No. 13544, which officially adopted the Codex Alimentarius, a policy against which business interests have been fighting for decades? This one – a stealth proviso of Obamacare, by the by – is intended to bring access to all vitamins, minerals and natural health remedies and technologies under government control. This means that Washington can now classify all of these as "controlled" – like prescription drugs.
No, I can't believe that I live in an America where the Food and Drug Administration will be controlling "all vitamins, minerals and natural health remedies and technologies," but that's just the beginning. Listen to what Glenn Beck had to say about various forms of government control:

Glenn Beck - I can't believe that I live in an America where (fill in the blank)

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It just happened that the above Glenn Beck segment on his TV show aired earlier this week, and it is very compelling when combined with this column. In the segment, Glenn mentions that "this is only the beginning" of the cycle. Dang, how much worse could it get? Unfortunately, Erik answers that question, and it isn't pretty:

When what we eat, drink, drive, say, do for a living, how much money we make and where we live is dictated by our government, those who were dedicated liberal voters will grit their teeth because they're too arrogant to ever admit they were wrong. When pockets of the stunned, deluded variety of liberal voters finally put down their bongs and declare "Hey, man – you can't, like, do this to us! We have rights …" – they're going to catch a bullet in the head.

Small consolation this will be to patriotic Americans, since we'll already be dead or in a gulag by then.
Can the loss of our freedoms wake up enough people that we can put a stop to the Obamacide of our liberty? Is it enough to wake up the bong smokers? Will we be able to stop the progress toward communism before it is too late... or, is it already too late? Just sayin'...
To put it succinctly, our government is occupied by malevolent, treasonous slime, and it's going to take years to extricate all of them, even with a majority of Americans dedicated to the wholesale eradication of progressivism – which is an absolute imperative. This societal infection is so profoundly and fundamentally destructive that if I had my way, anyone willing to accept it would be stripped of their citizenship.

That said, I don't always get my way, and conscientious Americans obey the law, even if progressives do not. Hopefully, this will not lead to our undoing. Were it not for the fact that so many Americans now know that which I have outlined here and have reacted accordingly, I shudder to think what the depth of my despair might be.
Wake up! He's a communist!

By Erik Rush

Posted: September 23, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Make no mistake: The political struggle currently ensuing in America has long since ceased to be one of well-intentioned citizens disagreeing over policy. This is a matter of devoted, mainstream, well-informed Americans resisting the subjugation of our nation by communist operatives and their coalition of deceived supporters and committed acolytes.

Even the reader who is new to this column will have observed the increased intensity of political rhetoric over the last two years. Prior to the 2008 election, voices warning against a Barack Hussein Obama presidency may have been background noise to the casual news consumer; after all, every candidate has their detractors.

Over the last 20 months, between the actions and policies of the Obama administration and developments that have taken place as a result of same, the background has become very much foreground. The machinations and designs of the administration have carried more urgency, and their words have become shrill. Likewise, terms like "progressive" and "socialist" have increasingly been replaced with "Marxist," "communist" and "totalitarian" by their opposition.

Obviously, if only a few fringe types were employing such potent terminology, it could be easily dismissed. With hundreds of thousands of Americans mobilized, millions blogging and organizing, an emergent arm of the press dedicating itself to stifling the momentum of this government and even some conservative Hollywood celebrities coming "out of the arsenal" to join their voices with these, however, the gravity of these expressions cannot be ignored.

Like a host of pundits and legions of voters, I was appalled and indignant over the reaction of the political left and Republican elites to Republican Christine O'Donnell's primary win over Mike Castle in the Delaware senatorial race. Leading off the litany of unfounded tripe with which the left assailed Ms. O'Donnell were the tired, nebulous accusations of her being too extreme. Within hours of this, I was treated to the very same indictment of the tea party-backed GOP candidate for the Senate in my state, via a television advertisement.

So is nationalism now more "extreme" than communism? Because nationalism is what we need, and communism is what we're getting.

You want extremism? How about the president appointing yet another anti-capitalist radical in Elizabeth Warren as the non-titular head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, while circumventing Senate confirmation, to occupy an office devoid of political regulation? A woman who claims that capitalism doesn't work – which admittedly it tends not to when government regulates business into near-insolvency, overtaxes companies and individuals and makes minimum wage demands that artificially drive up consumer prices.

Thank God that so many Americans are finally realizing that people like Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama have, over time, maneuvered us into a position economically wherein it appears that capitalism doesn't work, so that they might make that very claim!


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