Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Only Interested in Bailing Out Union Buddies

Buying Up – Not Bailing Out Industries By JB Williams ©2009 USA Obama is on the cusp of making American taxpayers the proud new bankrupt owners of what is now affectionately referred to as “Government Motors.” – As GM follows Chrysler into Fed forced bankruptcy, Obama’s economic guru has already worked out the details of how GM will emerge from bankruptcy court a wholly owned asset of the Fed. According to reports, the US Treasury will own 72.5% of GM, after Obama carves out 17.5% for the United Auto Workers Union thugs, leaving the “old General Motors” with only a 10% stake in the new “Government Motors.” In the good ole days, we didn’t have Czars in America because the land of the free and home of the brave did not have government owned and operated industries. That stuff only existed in the Soviet Union ... Now, we need a Czar for every industry as the leftists in DC swallow up industry after industry. With blessings from the Bilderberg Group, Timothy Geithner proceeds with Obamanation plans to industrialize the US Fed by consuming yet another major private sector industry. As Obama rushes to buy up [you didn’t really think it was a bailout did you?] private sector industries, one after another, it becomes more and more clear exactly what kinds of “change” Obama had in mind. Too bad his voters never bothered to ask before voting... Guess which Chrysler dealerships Obama and Geithner saw no need to save? Blogger Doug Ross provides facts you are not likely to see on CNN... [Continue reading]
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