Sunday, May 31, 2009

One column, varied responses ~ By Pat Boone

By Pat Boone © 2009 Posted: May 30, 2009 Last week in this space, I wrote "The ACLU, America's Taliban." In that piece, I presented a strong case against the activities and obvious goals of this lawyer group, which ironically is consistently and militantly opposed to virtually every civil liberty of the majority of Americans. It wasn't just a polemic, a knee jerk tantrum; it was a well documented list of the institutions and traditions that the American Civil Liberties Union attacks and an even longer list of aberrant, morally and socially corruptive issues they promote. If it's religious, moral or patriotic, the ACLU will likely bring suit against it; if it's sacrilegious, anti-American or degenerate, the ACLU will actively defend it. I presented the facts, which clearly reveal a well-funded activist group that, like an American Taliban, seems absolutely committed to destroying the foundations that have defined our country. Most of the reader response was very favorable. People have become very aware of the excesses and the near-gangland style of the ACLU, and many agreed with my assessment and warnings. One letter was from David Levin, of the Patriots Heart Network: "Thank goodness you mentioned the ACLU's efforts to support illegal immigration and illegal aliens themselves!" wrote Levin. "Aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a felony. It allows for the invasion of our sovereign nation." David went on to quote latest official estimates of nearly 40 million illegals, almost half of them in California and Arizona, fanning out across the nation. The Taliban couldn't have hoped to accomplish an unprecedented invasion of our homeland like that – but the ACLU is all for it and treats aliens as if they are bona fide citizens. And of course, they see Islamic detainees and terrorists the same way, entitled to all legal rights and privileges of American citizens. [Continue reading]
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