Monday, May 18, 2009

Miss USA 2010 ~ By Doug Powers

By Doug Powers © 2009 Does anybody know who won the Miss USA competition a few weeks ago? A lot of people think that Miss California, Carrie Prejean, won. She didn't. Carrie was the first runner-up. Prejean's refusal to cave to pressure and apologize for her opinion on same-sex marriage may have set a dangerous precedent, and made the Left regret the question was ever asked. Because of all the exposure, Prejean's going to make more money than she ever would have otherwise, especially now that she's got a gig at Fox News. Due to this example of how ticking off the PC bunch can translate to big exposure and bigger dollars, here are some responses I predict we might hear at next year's Miss USA pageant: Q: Miss Texas, if you were Miss USA and an attack on our nation occurred, what would you consider your role to be? A: Well, first I'd consult my personal hero, George W. Bush. [Continue reading]
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