Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things will be changing

By John Kubicek It was all so easy before. And then, suddenly, everything changed. Just what will be the ultimate impact of the major changes made at Let's start with this: I used to be able to post stories I found or submitted at directly to this blog. But not now. Suddenly, that option is gone. You can now submit stories directly to Twitter or Facebook - your only options besides email. I sent a request to for some information about this, from their public relations/press inuiries departments, but did not get a response to my questions by this time of publication. I gave them a chance to respond. To be fair, I'll give them a little more time to respond before I post the questions I had for them. What has happened here seems to have some insidious agenda behind it. Shouts, a way that digg users could easily use to communicate between mutual friends, have been shut off. That hurt, but not as much as what I found out about being able to post digg stories directly to MY blog, rather than twitter or facebook. It seems to me like somebody needed to slow down the Conservatives. Many of us at were in a great network that was growing even faster than lefties were able to get us banned. Yes, things will be changing. I am so afraid of losing track of many of the friends that I had gained over the last two years. So this is why I have to ask, is there a place we can find to meet that WON'T be sucking out all of our private info? And I say it that way, because you know what? This seems to be so devious, and I have this feeling that we've been "played" to get us former "diggers" somehow addicted... I'm just sayin' .... And I guarantee I'll be writing more about this, assuming they let me live a few more days.
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  1. Completely agreed. We are being forced into networks that are under total surveillance. Consider ourselves silenced and not wanted for purposes of threat and awareness to the agenda of the usurper.