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Global non-warming will be death of socialism ~ By Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Monckton
Lord Monckton reveals end result of 'mad climate scare'

So, it is one thing if the Left disparages the global warming deniers, but it is a completely different issue when it comes to what many on the Left would like to do to any of us that question the idea that this world will be doomed because of man-caused global warming:
Let me give you a single, telling statistic. In a recent opinion poll, 27 percent of "Democrats" said they thought that anyone who questioned the party line on climate change should be arrested, charged, detained, interrogated, tried, convicted and imprisoned.

For the sake of argument, let us imagine that the "Democrats" are right and that, unless the West commits economic hara-kiri in the name of saving the planet for socialism, we are all doomed. Let us pretend that the grim profiteer of doom, Lord Stern, was right to assert that unless we shut down the West there is a 1-in-10 chance that the world will come to an end by 2100.

Even if the world really did face Thermageddon within this century, that fact would not in any way justify the “Democrats” in putting questioners of their beliefs into prison.
For now, to the Left's dismay, not only are we able to say what we think about anthropogenic climate change, but the nonconformists like Lord Monckton and people like myself still have the freedom to show the climate change hysteria or what it is: It is backed by both the Socialists and globalists. For now, the deniers only have to face the normal negative feedback from the cyber-bullies, and deal with the possibility of being blackballed in our careers. At this time, we still don't have to face jail time for our writing or speaking about our doubts regarding man-caused climate change.

But, that can change.  In fact, the current President did his best to transform America.  The change, as illustrated and emphasized in the video below, was intended to warm up Americans to accept Socialism.

I am sure hoping that the people who see this post will incite freedom-loving patriots to spread this story around.  There is another election coming in less than one year.  The Democrats will nominate a Socialist, whether it be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  We don't have to allow one of them to occupy the White House.  However, as Lord Monckton mentions in this column, the American people would find out about the evils of Socialism, maybe in one generation.  Unfortunately, it may not take another election, as there is already a Socialist in the Oval Room.  And an election in November 2016 may not even happen.  Just sayin'...

The Socialist
So, I was looking through the videos in my archive, and I came across this one from 2012... It kind of goes along with the Democrat Debate the other night.... and the fact that Democrat=Socialism these days, more than ever! It wasn't exactly the change I was looking for!
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Global non-warming will be death of socialism

The Forces of Darkness are gathering in Paris as I write. My own bags are packed, for the army of light and truth will be there, too, though in far smaller numbers than the enemy. I had hoped – we had all hoped – that with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the future of freedom…

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