Sunday, December 06, 2015

Trump followers turn nasty on me ~ By Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown
Michael Brown shares vitriolic responses to his opinion of candidate

The Republican Caucus here in Iowa is in less than two months. In my vigilant pursuit of the wisdom to make the right choice about which candidate I will support, I came across this column by Dr. Michael Brown. It really struck me that my thoughts were reflected so well in the following excerpt:
As I’ve said repeatedly, there’s much to like about Donald Trump, and it appears that there are certain things he could do well as a president. And under no circumstances could I vote for any of the current Democratic candidates.

But when I see the irrational response of so many of his supporters, coupled with their demonizing of those who oppose him (along with, often, the demonizing of the other candidates), this only heightens my concerns.

I will certainly pray for Donald Trump and for God’s best for America. At the same time, I will raise concerns as I see them, since my goal is to see our nation blessed.
If you actually read the whole column, which would be a wise thing to do, you'll read about the nasty comments from the Trump followers that Dr. Michael Brown received. As I'm finding out, many of my friends and associates are favoring Donald Trump. I have not experienced any vitriol due to my lack of fealty to the Trump cause.  The truth is, I have not decided on who I will support in the Iowa Caucus.  I will avoid having the Trump followers turning nasty on me, because they're going to want my vote and they know they better behave and schmooze me for their cause.  Just sayin'...

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Trump followers turn nasty on me
I knew that there would be a strong backlash when I raised concerns about evangelical Christians supporting Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate. (I did this by video and column.) But it is the nature of the attacks that concerns me, since it appears that for some staunch Trump supporters, you cannot be a strong…

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  1. you sound like a typical Liberal.. this is a smash on Trump and supporters as apparently you dont read the hate that the Left has given the right..when Trump first made his Border wall speech. I suggest you research before writing a bias opinion and quit reading and watching media that has been caught in lies 24/7.. other than that, dont really care who you vote for.. Liberty VS Tyranny

    1. No, actually Rob, you just proved Dr. Brown's point. You and your friends, the Trumpettes, really have a thin skin, just like Trump. You don't like to be criticized. I have yet to decide who is worse: Liberals, Paulbots, or Trumpettes, when it comes to trolling.