Monday, December 21, 2015

Cruz vs. Trump: Not even a contest ~ By Star Parker

Star Parker
Star Parker: It takes a leader that's 'a little bit of a maniac' to turn things around

I am afraid that in this rare time, I may have to contradict Star's title to this column, which is "Cruz vs. Trump: Not even a contest." You see, there is just a little hint of misinformation, at least for some that haven't paid enough attention. There are some... no, wait, that should be MANY Republicans that believe there is no contest: Donald Trump is their guy! No contest.

However, Star isn't writing this as a Trump supporter, but as somebody that sees Ted Cruz as a true contender for that Republican Party nomination.  Star explains why SHE feels that Cruz would be a much better President, with his values still intact, and thus making him a better leader, by example, to turn around the decline of America. Yes, her case is about values, and I can not deny that fact. Here is how Star put it:
Now, with our economy growing well below historic average, with our national debt equal to the size of our entire economy, with Medicare and Social Security insolvent to the tune, by some measures, of $100 trillion, with the American family in shambles and almost half our babies being born to unwed mothers, you have to be on another planet, or a Democrat, not to know America is in decline.

But it takes a leader that’s “a little bit of a maniac” to take on turning this big ship around. It takes someone who cares more about country than about self to stand and fight against an entrenched status quo.

Ted Cruz has stood courageously alone since his first day in the Senate, shining light on what is wrong: about growing debt, about Obamacare, about taxpayer funds going to Planned Parenthood, about immigration. Donald Trump today is reaping the harvest of public awareness Ted Cruz has been sowing for years. Trump should be thanking Ted Cruz.
Please understand that I am not posting this column by Star Parker as an endorsement for Ted Cruz, nor am I predicting that Cruz will be the Republican nominee. I'm just the messenger, telling you what a columnist and author, that happens to be a black female, thinks about the top contenders for the 2016 GOP nomination.

What I will say is that I believe the Republican nomination is now between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. As for me, I'm weighing all the information about both candidates, the good and the bad. I pay attention to what the MSM says about them, because the Democrat rhetoric will echo the leftist media in the general election next Fall. Just to give the liberal media and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassername something to really worry about, maybe the solution is to have Trump and Cruz on the ticket. Hillary wouldn't have a prayer! Just sayin'...

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Cruz vs. Trump: Not even a contest

New polling shows Ted Cruz picking up major steam and looking very serious in challenging Donald Trump's leadership in the Republican presidential candidate field. A Bloomberg News/Des Moines Register poll shows Cruz now leading in Iowa. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal national poll shows Cruz jumping up 12 points from 10 percent in late October.…

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