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The theocracy of climate change ~ By Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson sees Obama 'forcing his redistributionist values on Americans'

Carl Jackson
When minor “setbacks” like the ISIS attack in Paris, France, or the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino occur, he has no problem minimizing their relevancy. Not just because they don’t fit his political narrative, but because they don’t promulgate his moral one – that America is an immoral nation and the cause of much suffering worldwide.

In other words, in President Obama’s eyes, ISIS is a byproduct of American dominance around the world. It doesn’t matter to him whether or not “man-made” climate change is real; what matters to him is that it can be exploited to right his perceived wrong of America stealing the world’s resources. To Obama, addressing climate change is rectifying a greater evil – even greater than ISIS. That’s why it should come as no surprise to us that Obama spoke just a few miles from the site of the Nov. 13 terrorist attack in the French capital and called for urgent action against a challenge he suggested was greater even than the scourge of terrorism.
Don't worry. If you've had a thing for man-made global warming or climate change, we'll forgive you. It had to be difficult to resist the indoctrination you may have received since you were in preschool, courtesy of the leftists that took over all of the public institutions. Oh, and Hollywood? They made sure that most entertainment was produced with the narrative that man-cause climate change because of CO2 was a generally accepted fact.

But then, we had the politicians jumping into the game, which at one time seemed to span over the entire political spectrum. Well, that is until many on the Right were finally able to discern the fraud of global warming caused by man for what it was. Unfortunately, some who claimed to be Conservative gave themselves away, when they continued to be supportive of the big lie about human activity (in capitalist nations) leading to the ultimate destruction of this planet we call Earth.

When I checked out Carl Jackson's Facebook page, I found a link to a very interesting video that explains the truth about that "terrible threat" of "lethal" CO2 gas that is the basis of the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) delusional garbage... and which is actually essential for life on this planet to continue to exist.  See the video below:

There is one important point that needs your attention in Carl's column. It will really help you make sense out of the stupid things that Obama said in Paris, about terrorists being poor downtrodden victims (because of industrial CO2 emissions, of course) of the imperial capitalist West. I think he also injected that belief into his speech from the Oval Office Sunday night; he blamed that 2nd Amendment thing, rather than the radical Islamic terrorists and their goal of global supremacy. It's just his agenda. When you understand that, everything makes sense. Just sayin'...

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The theocracy of climate change

Leftists count on man-made law to feel moral. Conservatives count on the God that created man to become moral. Webster's dictionary defines a theocracy as a government by officials regarded as divinely inspired. In a theocracy, the individual doesn't have a say in who will run his country or what laws shall be passed. In America…

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