Thursday, May 08, 2014

VIDEO:You should be impeached, Mr. President!

You can read the transcript here, but these are the points that stood out like a one legged man in a fanny-kicking contest:
Fact: it was the anniversary of 9/11.

Whistle blower Greg Hicks calls Washington to advise that Ambassador Stevens said that he and the Benghazi consulate were under attack. General Carter Ham tells Washington that our consulate is under siege and our ambassador may be a hostage.

Fact: everyone in Washington knew what was going on based on the drones, the satellites, the audio, the real-time phone calls. They attacked with heavy artillery and rocket propelled grenades.

Fact: it was a tight presidential race, Barack Obama campaigning as a war hero - a real commander-in chief, claiming al Qaeda was on its heels. Obama loses all credibility if the nation thinks al Qaeda destroyed our consulate and killed four Americans. So the conspiracy about a grotesque video begins.

Former CIA Director Mike Morell removes the word "Islamists" in describing "extremists." He takes out references to the previous CIA warnings of an al Qaeda attack.

Fact: the joint chiefs and defense secretary say troops couldn't get there in time to save our men on the ground.

The fiction begins. It wasn't al Qaeda, it was an anti-Muslim American-made video. Before our eyes, the terrorists become the victims, and the American victims become irrelevant. The president repeats the fiction on "The View," on "David Letterman," at the U.N.
Of course, Judge Jeanine Pirro's Opening Statement segment which appeared at the beginning of her show last Saturday (May 3, 2014), has to be classified as commentary. However, notice the that in the text above, a transcript of what she said in this segment, had the word "Fact" involved. And she couldn't have been any more blunt in her Opening Statement, unless she was Joni Ernst talking about castrating hogs as a kid or taking aim at ObamaCare if she wins the Iowa GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate!  Talking about a smoking gun! (Yep, I said that!  Take it however you want!)

It should surprise no one with even half of their brain cells tied behind their back that the Leftists out there will try to disparage what was heard in Judge Jeanine's opening statement.  Obviously, this will be so disturbing to them that they will have no choice but to invoke every one of Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" in order to denigrate everything Judge Jeanine says in this segment.   Let them try it!  It won't work, because the Judge's great commentary is based on facts that can be, and have been, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Yep, don't forget, Judge Jeanine was a Prosecuting Attorney AND a judge.  She knows how to prove a case. 

Hey Lefty liberals, you can keep trying to save Obama's legacy, but you're going to lose your argument.  You can no longer defend the Obama administration.  Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is going to eat Obama's lunch with the Select Committee he will probably be heading.  Just sayin'...

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  1. It is totally unfair that an Anti-Joni Ernst ad was showing up on this post. I apologize. Jacobs for Senate paid Google for the ad. It just goes to show you who is supporting that progressive piece of dirt! Vote for Joni for U.S. Senator in the Iowa GOP primary if you are here in Iowa! Just sayin'...