Monday, May 12, 2014

VIDEO: Obama's big lie to our Veterans!

As Judge Jeanine Pirro does to start her Justice With Jeanine programs on Fox News, I have an Opening Statement in regard to this video.

There are a few simple questions that I want to ask you, the public, who is the ultimate jury when it comes to who will lead the country, whether in Congress, or in the White House. In the video below, I will be showing you evidence of extreme incompetence, and very likely, intentional corruption in a very small portion of our health care system. There are victims, some who have lost their lives. This is all happening in some Veterans Affairs hospitals, at least two that we are now aware of. Keep in mind that our federal government runs the VA hospitals. Keep in mind that we're talking about a very small percent of our population that have served our country and now need medical care. Keep in mind that there are those in the government that have classified citizens that may have right-wing extremist tendencies, which includes former military members, as potential domestic terrorists.

And now, we'll learn in the video evidence presented below, that even the President of the United States of America had promised to make sure that our government would correct the problems that veterans are having in getting the health care that they were promised for serving their country.  As you will learn, it isn't happening as Barack Obama had promised on multiple occasions. And now, keep in mind that the President said you wouldn't lose your doctor, your health care costs would go down, and many other lies that were told when it comes to the Affordable Care Act.

Should it come down to determining that our veterans are not receiving health care as promised, how long will it be before other Americans encounter problems with getting the health care they need in a totally broken system, and who knows who will be the next targets that need to be eliminated?  Those are the questions I want you to consider as you see the video below.  I'm not just sayin'... I'm asking you to take all of these questions and contemplate with your complete concentration and focused deliberation before you vote in the coming elections in 2014 and 2016.

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