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It’s the Climate of Propaganda That Should Worry Americans ~ By Dan Gainor

Remember this? The World Meteorological Organisation was quoted by Greenpeace’s Energydesk: “No single weather episode can prove or disprove global climate change.

OK, if that wasn’t good enough, there’s this, from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. It’s run by the liberal Pew Center’s founder and former president Eileen Claussen. They say the same thing, “no single weather event can be linked directly to a long-term driver, such as global warming.

Now none of that matters. Journalists are on the climate beat, so named because it’s the issue they and the liberals intend to beat the American public with till we scream, “Uncle Al.
This should concern us, as the reaction on the MSM networks to the President presenting the National Climate Assessment (NCA) on May 6, 2014 was all about propaganda and hype.  Even former Fox News Correspondent Major Garrett, now with CBS Evening News (go figure!), entered into the fray by saying, "No region of the country will be spared."  And then he later said, "Republicans dismissed this report as an election year ploy to scare voters and pave the way for pollution regulations that sidestep Congress." That was about the only thing mentioned that referred to any objection to the NCA, from anybody. Of course, only Republicans would be mentioned as critics of Obama's climate agenda. Garrett never mentioned why the Republicans would be against the administration sidestepping Congress. That's the way the MSM works as the propaganda arm of the Obama regime.

I was able to find another article which came from the leftist Think Progress website. Their story was, "The Worst TV News Reactions To The National Climate Assessment." And who do you think that they criticized? If you guessed Fox News Network, ding ding ding, you nailed it. And... wait for it... they also went after Pat Robertson of the 700 Club, via a youtube video, coming from Right Wing Watch:

Of course, the left wing media is going to disparage anyone that criticizes the climate assessment that was pushed by Obama, because they can not afford to have anybody disagreeing with the President's agenda. That is what we call propaganda on steroids.

I felt it was necessary to let the readers of this blog know that there really are people out there that know why the Obama agenda is using climate change to make national economic change, which would be to lead America to Socialism.

Charles Krauthammer said this on Fox News Channel:
"All that we're doing is committing economic suicide in the name of do-goodism that won't do an iota of good."
Proving that it isn't just Fox News that is not falling in line with the climate change agenda, S.E. Cupp said this on CNN:
"Surprise, surprise, today President Obama is keeping his liberal elite base happy by trying to scare us with new reports on climate change."
Yes, Dan Gainor hit it out of the park. Americans should have a lot to worry about when it comes to the "climate of propaganda." Americans who don't bow down to the climate change hype are being denigrated by the left in the mainstream media, and that is dangerous. Just sayin'...

It’s the Climate of Propaganda That Should Worry Americans
By Dan Gainor

May 12, 2012 at 11:00am

From theblaze.com

Global Warming.” “Climate change.” “Global weirding.” “Climate disruption.

The terms are unavoidable as news stories that deploy them. The American media love nothing more than claiming weather events are part of some greater pattern – whether they are or not.

With President Barack Obama’s latest climate push, journalists are once more linking every random weather happening they can find and saying, “See!” with a giant I-told-you-so look on their faces.

They aren’t covering the story, they are acting like the bearded lunatic on the street corner holding a sign saying, “The End Is Near!” Instead, they parrot the White House saying: “It is already happening.” It sounds almost like a bad movie trailer.

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