Saturday, April 05, 2014

VIDEO: The troubling gaffes by political candidates is getting worse!

To be fair, when asked about David Perdue's comments, this is how campaign spokesman Derrick Dickey responded:
David was simply making the case that he is the most qualified person in this race to help get our economy back on track so that we can start paying down the massive federal debt. His comment was based on facts that are a matter of public record.
I further learned from the Atlantic Journal Constitution column by Jim Galloway that Handel's campaign manager Corry Bliss responded to the email in this way:
It is disappointing that David would demean someone who—by no fault of her own—moved out of an abusive home at age 17, and with her own hard work and determination, is the embodiment of the American Dream.

Karen is an example of how, with great perseverance and sheer will, the circumstances under which you grow up do not dictate your ability to succeed.

While David boasts about all the time he spent living in Europe and Asia, and all of the millions of dollars he intends to spend on this race, this election is about who conservatives can relate to and trust to get results in the United States Senate.
Look, what David Perdue said about Karen Handel was possibly worse than what Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) managed to do by disparaging Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) because he doesn't have a law degree. At least what Braley said only matters to liberals that agree with him, such as trial lawyers that don't want tort reform.  In Perdue's case, it was a drastic political error, because he was dividing Republicans by purporting to be "above" Karen Handel only because of his education level. 

Yes, it is very disturbing, not just to me, but to even the hosts of The Five.  Greg Gutfeld says in this segment, "This woman is actually overqualified by not going to college."  And Dana Perino very eloquently says that the voters in the Republican primary in Georgia have their answer when it comes to picking the right person to be their candidate.

A long story short?  If you are running for a political office in a Republican primary, don't go divisive like the typical liberals do, especially when it is one of your own!  I can't wait to see if Karen Handel gets a large bump in the polls.  I suspect that she will.  Republicans that do the liberal kind of things, like disparaging opponents, and acting like global elitists, are what I call RINOs.  Just sayin'...

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