Saturday, April 26, 2014

VIDEO: Cliven Bundy goes racist! (Or, did he?)

He just blew it all.... and now Harry Reid has something on him that none of us can deny..... Oh, Crap!

Now there is attention on Cliven again, and this time very negative, which takes the attention off of Dirty Harry for all the unethical stuff he's doing....

See my problem? I have some good stuff on Harry, but now I have to cover Cliven Bundy's statements.
The above is something I wrote to a friend in a Private Message on Facebook the night I posted this video, April 24, 2014. I had a real problem with what Cliven Bundy had said. My very first reaction was of total shock, and I was repulsed. There were many Conservative pundits that had the same reaction that I did. There was no way that Cliven Bundy could be defended, nor would anyone want to even try to spin it in a way that didn't sound so controversial.

While I still feel that what Cliven Bundy said sounded blatantly racist, there have been subsequent reports that his remarks had been edited and were taken out of context with what he was really meaning to say. While I have the intention to report on those newer stories, it does not take away from what I wrote to my friend in the text above. What Cliven Bundy said was to take the attention away from what was being reported in the days before his wayward remarks that you may not have heard since Mark Twain wrote "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." Just when there was highly critical information being reported concerning Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) problems with ethics that we could have been talking about, Cliven Bundy had to go and have his "rant."

The Cliven Bundy spiel was detrimental, but maybe for much more than just the racist connotations we initially believed. For that reason, I stand by the description that I wrote for this video. Just sayin'....

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