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Bundy-Times sting: Worse than I thought ~ By Joseph Farah

I did get one thing right, however. I explained it wasn’t really Bundy the New York Times was out to get. It was his supporters – especially elected officials who denounced the heavy-handed and militaristic way the Bureau of Land Management went after Bundy and his family.

It’s called guilt by association – something “progressives” formerly denounced. But, in this case, there was nothing to feel guilty about, because Bundy didn’t say anything racist.

Meanwhile, the guy who I suspect is the mastermind of the efforts by government to make an example of Cliven Bundy yesterday showed his own hand.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called on all of his “progressive” friends to form a “united front” against Bundy.
I greatly appreciate and respect Joseph Farah's honesty. Like Joseph, I also felt the need to back up from my initial belief that Cliven Bundy was a racist after the story came out on Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014.

Many of us, even some of the biggest Bundy Ranch supporters originally, were swept up in the initial reaction.   And there are many of them that are still caught up with tearing down Cliven Bundy for his "racist remarks."  But, in light of the new information that has come out since Thursday, exposing the New York Times for making editorial adjustments in the original video of Cliven's statements, why haven't there been a few more apologies and retractions? That is a question that I have that I haven't been able to find an answer to. 

But, as time goes on, I'm sure that the scam perpetrated by the New York Times will eventually get around.  Cliven Bundy may never live down his poorly articulated racist sounding statements, but I am still sure that given his age and two black supporters that came to his defense, he'll be forgiven.  I'm hoping that others will understand what has happened, and this is why I'm so happy to let you all know about this column by Joseph Farah.  Let's go back to discussing Dirty Harry Reid's apparent corruption, and how it relates to what happened when the BLM invaded Bundy's Ranch.  Ya think?  Just sayin'...

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Bundy-Times sting: Worse than I thought
Joseph Farah

By Joseph Farah

Friday, April 25th, 2014

From Commentary

First of all, let me begin by making an apology to Cliven Bundy.

In a slapdash column yesterday, I gave the New York Times more credit and credibility than it deserved.

I assumed, inappropriately and incorrectly, that the former newspaper of record had actually recounted the words of the Nevada rancher accurately and in context, given that there was an actual recording of the comments.

I was wrong.

After the Times smeared as a rock-ribbed racist through the use of selective quotes the new hero of resistance to tyranny in America, there was a new development: The video recording of the actual remarks emerged.

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