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MSNBC's Chris Hayes calls Bundy ranch supporters 'insurgents' ~ By Joe Newby

Of course, when Hayes uses terms like "insurgents" to describe Bundy supporters, he too, is helping to spur the left wing hate machine in its ongoing "two minutes hate" against the Bundys, their supporters and anyone on the right. Hayes was not the only one to call Bundy supporters "insurgents," Watson said.

One of Hayes' guests, leftist author Michelle Goldberg, wasted no time calling Bundy ranch supporters "right wing insurgents." She went on to compare them to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and accused them of plotting to take over the U.S. government.

"Last time I checked, they just wanted the feds to return Bundy’s cattle," Watson said.
Here is my motivation for posting this story by Joe Newby, along with the associated stories and videos:
Bundy is a domestic terrorist. You've got to be one of the biggest idiots on Facebook. Well, you and Fox News.
The above comment statement appeared on a Facebook group after I shared one of my videos with them. Wow, what a cunning person to come up with something so original! Well... Actually, NOT really, as it smells of the typical liberal troll.  Along with Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) making statements about the supporters of Cliven Bundy being "domestic terrorists" and other false claims, now we have those on the left who are now making even more harsh allegations against those of us that have been reporting on the Bundy Ranch cattle battle.  Richard Escow, writing for, claims that Sean Hannity will have blood on his hands for attempting to touch off a tinderbox by promoting "Cliven Bundy’s war."

So, now it isn't just Cliven Bundy and his supporters who are receiving massive focus from Harry Reid and the Liberal Democrat minions, but also those that are trying to report the story in a fair and balanced way. Keep in mind, that when it comes to Fox News, various hosts such as Greta Van Susteren and Megyn Kelly are attorneys, and even they say that Bundy is most likely in the wrong when it comes to the law! It is absolutely laughable that those folks on the Left are now turning their attack towards people like me, or Fox News, but that is just the way they roll.

So, they've done it now.  I've been inspired to include the following two videos that I've recently posted that the liberal columnists and trolls would like to discredit:

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Is Harry Reid just trying to stoke up a violent incident?

Who are the REAL domestic terrorists?

So, I'd advise you to back off, Liberal trolls and "Dirty Harry" Reid, but it's probably too late. You aren't going to like the backlash against your false accusations. Stay tuned!  Just sayin'...

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MSNBC's Chris Hayes calls Bundy ranch supporters 'insurgents'
By Joe Newby

April 23, 2014

From Spokane

The propaganda effort to demonize anyone to the right of Josef Stalin continues, as MSNBC's Chris Hayes called supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy "insurgents," Paul Joseph Watson said at Infowars Tuesday. Hayes and his guests spent about 15 minutes in what was clearly a propaganda effort designed to marginalize Bundy supporters and certain alternate media outlets as fringe kooks.

In addition to calling Bundy supporters "insurgents," Watson said Hayes lamented "the threat posed to the establishment by an Alex Jones-Drudge-Fox News-Rand Paul 'axis' that threatens to rock the 2016 presidential race." Hayes also linked Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., to his "axis" for calling Bundy Ranch supporters "patriots."

As a result of heated rhetoric like that used by Hayes, liberals have begun calling for the Bundys and their supporters to be killed by the federal government. As we reported Tuesday, a number of angry leftists have demanded the feds destroy the ranch and kill everyone present with drones.

Is this what Hayes and his ilk ultimately want? It certainly seems so, given that the rhetoric appears to become more shrill and violent every day.

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