Sunday, April 27, 2014

CNN Goes Bundy-Trolling on Racial Issues & Gets Retort from Black Bodyguard They Don’t Expect ~ By Kyle Becker

The question is: What does the guy’s character have to do with the principle in play, anyway? Bundy’s story was not picked for his character, it was picked because it was an abuse of the federal government’s power.

The fact that so many think his story is nullified by his personal opinions goes to show how many in the American public there are who are simply incapable of defending their own rights whenever a leftist yells that he finds something “offensive.”
I still have no qualms about mentioning that a lot of what Cliven Bundy said the other day sounded very racist to many people, and that it is very likely that his diatribe did a lot of damage to the Conservative and Tea Party movements. But in Cliven Bundy's defense, there is a strong likelihood that the way he said the things he did had a lot more to do with his age than his character.

If we determine what he said as racist, it is because the of the way he tried to explain his views, and it sounded racist to the younger generations with the progressive mindset. The older generations have different ways to express their viewpoints, and it may sound offensive, but from their perspective, it has nothing to do with the way they treat and love their fellow human beings, no matter what race. Their articulation of the issue usually has nothing to do with their character.

I think that this story by Kyle Becker, and surely countless others in the blogosphere, does exonerate Mr. Bundy from the recent claims that he is blatantly racist as reported by some in the media. However, the damage was done.  It would have been much better if Harry Reid's vicious statements about Cliven Bundy and his supporters being domestic terrorists, or Reid's problems with ethics, had stayed in the forefront of the news. Just sayin'...


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CNN Goes Bundy-Trolling on Racial Issues & Gets Retort from Black Bodyguard They Don’t Expect
By Kyle Becker

April 25, 2014

From the Independent Journal Review

Looks like there are plenty of level-headed black people who are waking up to how the lily-white lefty media try to play them:

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