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Time 2 Escape WIFLI for Friday, Feb 10, 2012

Feel how good it feels to let enthusiasm freely flow. Feel how powerful it is when your actions are continually energized by your enthusiasm.

Find those things about which you can be authentically enthusiastic. And then, let the power of your enthusiasm flow.

— Ralph Marston ~ Wednesday, February 8, 2012
I have been authentically enthusiastic in putting together this WIFLI ("when I feel like it") issue. I wanted to touch on the major issues of this last week, and I think I've done that. Thursday's excitement was the Marco Rubio speech at CPAC 2012. The speech can be linked to below. Before you get too excited about Rubio as a candidate for VP, be sure to see Joseph Farah's column featured in the Commentary section below. There is kind of a question about Rubio's constitutional eligibility to hold that office.

In the war between Gingrich and Romney, Newt claims to be the true Conservative. But, is he really? Or is the question now moot, being that Rick Santorum is now proven to be a viable candidate, and is in the process of leaving Newt in the dust.

And of course, this issue will give you some additional insight on the HHS Mandate "to force religious employers to cover the cost of contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in its employees’ health-care coverage."

And you know that this all points to something that may not seem obvious at this time. But, with the issues featured in this post, I'm reminded that GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum seems to have come out of nowhere at just the right time. With Santorum's conservative values, and being Catholic, he is the perfect contrast to both the moderate Mitt Romney and to the President who he could possibly be running against this fall, with God's blessing. I've found the GOP candidate in which I "can be authentically enthusiastic" about! And now, it's time to let my enthusiasm flow. I'm just sayin'...

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Marco Rubio Stars at CPAC
The young Floridian politician makes the conservative case
From USNEWS ~ By Rebekah Metzler ~ February 9, 2012

It's pretty easy to see why Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is on every GOP presidential candidate's vice presidential shot list. The freshman, Cuban-American senator laid out a passionate, succinct, and unifying conservative agenda more effectively than any of those actually vying for the presidency have thus far, during remarks he made at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday.

"What is the conservative movement? It's pretty straightforward. We believe that the way prosperity is created is when people have the freedom and the opportunity to pursue their dreams," Rubio said.

Keys tenets of the current conservative movement are tax reform, regulatory reform, energy independence, and religious freedom, he said.

"We understand you have to have taxes. You have to pay for the national defense. But the tax code should not be an impediment to the creation of jobs and economic opportunity," Rubio said.

Yes, clean air and clean water are important, he said, but regulations have to make sense.

"They can't exist just to justify the existence of an agency," he said. "They can't put you at a competitive disadvantage against the rest of the world."

Full Speech: Marco Rubio at CPAC 2012

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Rubio: Obama 'a terrible president'
Rising GOP star takes aim at White House to kick off CPAC
From WND ~ By Jerome Corsi ~ Published Feb 9, 2012

While Republican presidential candidates were bruising each other on the campaign trail, rising GOP star Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida took aim at the current occupant of the White House to help kick off the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in the nation’s capital.

“Obama might be a great father, but he is a terrible president,” Rubio declared to an appreciative CPAC audience.

He didn’t limit his criticism of Democratic politicians to Obama.

“Why is it all Republican presidential candidates want to be Ronald Reagan, but no Democrats want to be Jimmy Carter?” he asked.

Rubio criticized the Obama administration for having no energy policy.

“We are an energy-rich country, and we need to use the energy God has blessed the nation with,” he asserted.


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Gloves Off: Sen. Rand Paul Blasts HHS Mandate as ‘Authoritarian’ & ‘Totalitarian’
From ~ By Becket Adams ~ Posted on February 8, 2012 at 9:48pm

In an op-ed for National Review online, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) denounces the now infamous decision by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to force religious employers to cover the cost of contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in its employees’ health-care coverage, saying that it’s just one more thing that makes “Obamacare” “socialized medicine.”

Sen. Paul goes so far to say that the decision by the HHS is “something generally witnessed only in totalitarian and authoritarian regimes,” and says that it is a direct violation of religious liberty, for all Christians, not just Catholics.

Because ‘contraception’ includes abortifacients, this decision — made under the powers granted to the executive branch under Obamacare — also threatens many Protestant employers,” Sen. Paul writes.

The decision is the latest and most outrageous example of why Obamacare — socialized medicine — must be repealed in its entirety. It is also a shocking example of the administration’s choosing to ignore the opinions and beliefs of millions of Americans.

First, They Came for the Catholics ~ By Michelle Malkin
(Featured in Time 2 Escape WIFLI for Sunday, Feb 5, 2012)

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‘Real News From The Blaze’: What Is the Definition of a True Conservative?
From ~ by Scott Baker ~ Posted on Feb 8, 2012 at 8:12pm

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Is Gingrich a 'consistent' conservative?
Exclusive: Jane Chastain looks at success rate of Newt as speaker of the House
From WND Commentary ~ By Jane Chastain ~ Published Feb 8, 2012

Newt Gingrich has billed himself as the more “consistent conservative” in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. According to Gingrich, he engineered the 1995 Republican takeover of the House of Representatives, balanced the budget and reformed welfare. If that is the case, why wouldn’t all conservatives want this man in the White House?

In 1994, Gingrich did lead the revolution that enabled Republicans to take control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. However, his record on balancing the budget and welfare reform needs an asterisk. And, sadly, under his leadership, the GOP quickly lost its footing and became part of the problem in Washington.

Under the Contract with America, Republicans promised a vote on 10 key issues in the first 100 days of GOP control. Gingrich kept that promise and held votes on every one. Unfortunately, his actions assured that two of the most popular items would fail: a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and term-limits.

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Obamacare's unconstitutional coercion
Andrew Napolitano: Mandate on Catholics is akin to compelling Jews to eat pork
From WND Commentary ~ By Andrew Napolitano ~ Published Feb 8, 2012

When we were colonists and fought a war against the king and Parliament so that we could secede from the British Empire and be independent of it, we also fought for the value of personal freedom. That is the idea that in matters of personal choice, the government should play no role. The king only cared about the colonists’ personal choices if he could control or tax them.

One of the taxes he imposed was to support the Church of England. The Church of England that the colonists’ tax dollars supported was, of course, in England; it was not here. So, among the hateful taxes that impelled the colonists to revolt was this tax to support the king’s church.

When the Constitution was written, religious freedom was a principal matter for discussion and debate among the framers. They addressed this in the first clause of the First Amendment. Before the Constitution even protects the freedom of speech, it protects the natural right to worship or not to worship, free from the government. Here is what it says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. …”

That is very direct and clear. It was intended to prevent any tax money from going to a church, and it was intended to keep the government from using its coercive powers to influence or to punish religious institutions. For 125 years, most governments in America left churches alone.


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Vice President Rubio? Not so fast
Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains why GOP favorite is ineligible for VP pick
From WND Commentary ~ By Joseph Farah ~ Published Feb 6, 2012

It’s no secret that Joseph Farah, once a popular guest on television news shows, was virtually blacklisted after challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility.

Networks and programs that once extended invitations to me stopped cold shortly after Obama was sworn into office.

Only recently have some brave hosts and producers begun having me back – to talk about other issues, of course.

Last Tuesday night was one of those occasions. I was asked to provide some Florida primary election night analysis on Sean Hannity’s popular Fox News Channel program. Toward the end of the segment, I speculated that Rick Santorum might be positioning himself as a vice-presidential running mate for the eventual nominee.

Hannity said, “I think that [position] is taken. I think it’s gonna be Rubio.


Marco Rubio and eligibility ~ By Robert Klein Engler

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The power of enthusiasm
From The Daily Motivator ~ By Ralph Marston ~ Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Your life is a great and wonderful experience, so don’t be afraid to show some genuine, infectious enthusiasm for it. The world is filled with outstanding opportunities, and you can make the most of those opportunities by being enthusiastic about them.

Yes, sometimes you might look a little bit silly. However, it’s much better to be laughed at for being enthusiastic than to be pitied and avoided for being dull.

Enthusiasm keeps you young, energizes your days, and attracts positive people to your efforts. Enthusiasm keeps you focused on moving forward, even when there are obstacles and distractions working against you.

*    *    *    *
A great future
From The Daily Motivator ~ By Ralph Marston ~ Thursday, February 9, 2012

Think ahead, act ahead, and you’ll get ahead. Consider your future consequences right now, while you are in a position to determine what those consequences will be.

Live fully in the moment where you are, while creating value for the many moments that will come. Time gives you enormous leverage, so use it.

A small action today can have a big influence a year from now, or five years from now. Use each day as an opportunity to make a better future for yourself.


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