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Time 2 Escape WIFLI Briefing for Saturday, Feb 18, 2012

Welcome to this edition of Time 2 Escape WIFLI Briefing!

What is WIFLI?
You may be wondering what the acronym "WIFLI" means. I started out by calling these issues the Time 2 Escape Daily, but that didn't work out very well. I quickly learned that putting these issues together on a daily basis was a task I was unable to accomplish. To replace "Daily" in the title, I coined the acronym WIFLI, which literally means "When I Feel Like It." Putting together a post on this blog WIFLI works much better for my schedule, and for the higher quality of each issue that is eventually published!
I watched a big portion of Whitney Houston's home going (aka: funeral, celebration of life) today. I was celebrating her life much more than I was mourning our loss. I did feel much relief knowing that she was a Christian, which I heard from many of the speakers today.

There are people that say that Americans spend too much time paying attention to entertainment. They say that the New World Order, or Satan, uses entertainment and sports to keep us from seeing what is happening to our Freedom. Sure, there are definitely people out there that are totally oblivious to what is going on the world, but could tell you what they were doing when they heard that Michael Jackson, or even Anna Nicole Smith, was dead. The point is, not everyone is that consumed in the entertainment and sports industries. In actuality, there are many of us that point to the great abilities of various Americans, and celebrate those people in the name of American Exceptionalism. It is truly a great country that allows people to use their abilities to succeed to higher levels. I believe that was what Rick Santorum was saying just the other day, as a matter of FACT.

The great battle in this election year is truly defined by the ultimate conflict between Capitalism and Marxism. Which ever Republican wins the nomination will be the one that best communicates it to the GOP voters. In order to win the election for President this fall, they will need to be able to continue that message in order to also win over the independents and conservative Democrats.

As always, I've put together this issue of the WIFLI Briefing so that you can catch up with things, especially for those of you who were taking your Time 2 Escape this weekend into the realms of entertainment and sports. It's okay. I do that occasionally, too. I'm just sayin'...

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Boehner supports Fast and Furious investigation
Committee moves closer to contempt procedures against Holder
From WND Politics ~ By Jerome Corsi ~ February 16, 2012

As House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., moved closer to beginning a contempt-of-Congress process against Attorney General Eric Holder, Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, reaffirmed his strong support of the investigation of the Department of Justice gun-tracing operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

Issa spokesman Michael Steel rebuffed rumors that circulated during the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington claiming Boehner had learned from his time as a young congressman under then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich that it is unwise for a Republican majority in the House to oppose a sitting Democratic Party president.

“Such speculation is absurd and untrue,” Steel told WND in an email.

Boehner confirmed as much, himself, today at a news conference.

The speaker was asked by a reporter if he would support the more than 100 members of the House who have called for Holder to resign and bring a proposed resolution of no confidence to the House floor.

“I think Chairman Issa and the members of the committee have done a very good job of investigating this abuse of government power, and I continue to support their efforts and believe that this Justice Department must be held accountable,” Boehner said.


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Santorum: I'm Against Government Bailouts — 'Period'
From NEWSMAX ~ By Hiram Reisner ~ Friday, 17 Feb 2012 05:09 AM

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum says while both he and opponent Mitt Romney were against the government’s bailout of the auto industry, there is a fundamental difference between their two stances on federal intervention in salvaging businesses. The former Pennsylvania senator told Fox News’ Greta van Susteren Thursday that voters in Michigan — an auto industry and important primary state — will come to realize he is against government bailouts of any kind: ‘Period.”

“Well, I think I’m different than Governor Romney on that front — I mean, Governor Romney supported the Wall Street bailout, it was OK to go in and have the government take a huge role in bailing out big financial institutions, but it wasn’t OK for them to come and bail out the big manufacturers in this country, which are the hub of the manufacturing industry,” Santorum said, adding that voters in Michigan, which holds its GOP primary on Feb. 28, will see that “my position is consistent.”

“My position says: I’m not for the government getting involved in bailouts, period. And that to me is something that the folks in Detroit [will] say: ‘Well, look, here’s a man of principle,” he said. “Romney, who claims to be — you know, hails from southwest Michigan — and be a great defender of, and [have an] understanding of, the industrial heartland of this area . . . he supported his friends on Wall Street, but did not support the auto industry. And that’s where I think the inconsistency is. It’s not in my position.”


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Al Qaeda on rise in Syria, has 'marriage of convenience' with Iran, US intelligence director says
Fox News' Catherine Herridge and the Associated Press contributed to this report.
 From ~ Published February 17, 2012
WASHINGTON – The nation's top intelligence adviser told Congress on Thursday that Al Qaeda "is extending its reach into Syria" -- possibly with Iran's help.

Director of National Intelligence
In a rare public admission, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Al Qaeda and the Iranian regime have a "shotgun marriage, or marriage of convenience." More significantly, given the series of attacks this week linked to Iran, Clapper said Tehran appears to see Al Qaeda as an insurance policy -- a "surrogate or proxy" -- against future Western aggression.

This public confirmation comes as U.S. officials investigate the release of five Al Qaeda members after "years of house arrest" in Iran. The men include Saif al-Adel, who was tipped as the likely replacement for Usama bin Laden.


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300 million government slaves?
Exclusive: Phil Elmore explains how natural rights mitigate against Obama liberalism
From WND Commentary ~ By Phil Elmore ~ Published Feb 15, 2012

The debate over Obama’s attempt to order religious organizations and insurance companies to offer specific coverage has until now centered on a threat to religious freedom. Most of this debate completely misses the philosophical and political issue we should be arguing, namely: What part of the United States Constitution mandates that citizens pay, through taxes, for other citizens’ entirely elective medical treatments? When did contraception or abortion become “rights,” and where do these demands end?

Setting aside the obviously false notion that abortions are regularly and routinely required to save the lives of otherwise healthy pregnant women, the debate over Glorious Leader Obama’s health-care dictates should and must be centered on the fundamental violation of individual rights they represent. Explanations of this infringement are found in the work of the founders; they are found in the writings of philosophers both ancient and modern, from Aristotle to Ayn Rand, John Locke to Friedrich Nietzsche, David Kelley to Robert Nozick. These men and women understood that philosophy is politics, and the reality of the world around us precludes any justification – morally and rationally – for government theft of your property.

Briefly, the Founding Fathers of the United States indicated their acceptance of, and based the United States Constitution on, the concept of natural rights. Your natural rights stem directly from a fact few can argue: You are a discrete biological entity.

Fighting Obama's assault on religious liberty

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Busybody presidents
Thomas Sowell continues analysis of early 20th century's interventionist policies
From WND Commentary ~ By Thomas Sowell ~ Published Feb 16, 2012

“Often wrong but never in doubt” is a phrase that summarizes much of what was done by Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the two giants of the Progressive era, a century ago.

Their legacy is very much alive today, both in their mindset – including government picking winners and losers in the economy and interventionism in foreign countries – as well as specific institutions created during the Progressive era, such as the income tax and the Federal Reserve System.

Like so many Progressives today, Theodore Roosevelt felt no need to study economics before intervening in the economy. He said of “economic issues” that “I am not deeply interested in them, my problems are moral problems.” For example, he found it “unfair” that railroads charged different rates to different shippers, reaching the moral conclusion that these rates were discriminatory and should be forbidden “in every shape and form.”

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Time to tame the federal beast
Andrew Napolitano: 'We need a game changer in the White House, now more than ever'
From WND Commentary ~ By Andrew Napolitano ~ Published Feb 15, 2012

When the federal government was created, those who risked their lives and their fortunes and their scared honors to secede from England were animated by recent events. The government did not come into existence in a vacuum. Rather, those who led the Revolutionary War joined those who fought and financed it to create a central government that would be constitutionally incapable of doing to Americans what King George III and Parliament did to the colonists.

The king abridged many personal freedoms, but among them, religion and the right to keep income were at the top of the list, along with the freedom of speech and the right to be left alone. The reason religious rights and property rights so animated the founders is simple: They had been aggressively assaulted by the British government, and most of it had to do with money.

The king and Parliament imposed a tax on the colonists to support the king’s church in England. And the king and Parliament imposed an obligation on the colonists to purchase the king’s stamps and to affix them to all papers in their possession in America. The Stamp Act led to the invasion of the colonists’ homes by British soldiers without warrants, ostensibly looking for the stamps. Both of these taxes led to the Revolution, and the bitter aftertaste they left behind, in turn, led to a firm determination on the part of those who wrote the Constitution to craft a document that would assure that the new government would be constitutionally incapable of similar behavior.

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Social Conservatives Must Remain United
From NEWSMAX ~ By David Limbaugh ~ Published Friday, 17 Feb 2012 09:23 AM

A strong move is on to demonize and marginalize social conservatives, a move that originates from the political left but is being aided by some on the right, a move that is based on assumptions that better describe the leftist accusers than they do their targets.

Obama, by rewriting the Bush rules to protect healthcare providers who objected on moral grounds to abortion, has breached his repeated promise to preserve them and has dealt a significant blow to religious liberties, yet he is painting people of faith as the extremists.

In his University of Notre Dame speech, he said, "Let's honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion and draft a sensible conscience clause and make sure that all our healthcare policies are grounded not only in sound science but also in clear ethics, as well as respect for the equality of women."

In his propaganda speeches for Obamacare, he said, "One more misunderstanding I want to clear up: Under our plan . . . federal conscience laws will remain in place."

But what about his actions? Well, a few months before his Notre Dame speech, the administration disclosed that it had begun the process of overturning the Bush protections.


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Your life is yours
From The Daily Motivator ~ By Ralph Marston ~ Saturday, February 18, 2012

True fulfillment requires responsibility. Your life is yours, so step up and take responsibility for it.

If you expect someone else to do it for you, what you end up with will have no real meaning to you. When you avoid responsibility you cheat yourself out of much of life’s richness.

Living with full responsibility for your own life is not easy. Yet taking the easy way out in the short term, leads to a life that is tragically difficult in the long run.


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This WIFLI Briefing is dedicated to Whitney Elizabeth Houston (1963 - 2012). May the precious memory of Whitney always remain in your heart.  May she now be resting in peace.

The Greatest Love of All

Video provided by JoshuaHoFungLym on Mar 10, 2008

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  1. Speaking of entertainment, I watched a great movie this morning, called "The Grace Card." I give it two thumbs up, five stars out of five, or however you want to rate a movie that you wish everyone would watch. Sometimes entertainment is not a bad thing, and in fact, can offer an excellent message.